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The care industry is ever-changing and finding new ways to increase efficiency is a top priority for care software providers. No matter where you work, unnecessary limitations and restrictions can create inefficiencies that can impact performance. However, when providing care, a high professional standard must be maintained to safeguard residents and provide the best possible service.

Introducing person centred care management systems such as CareDocs, can help make care practices more efficient. Whilst the NHS is focusing on improved integration between themselves and the rest of the care industry, it’s important to get ahead of the changing needs.

Here are six ways a person centred care management system like CareDocs, promotes flexibility in care management. 

1. Point of care recording

To have true person centred care in your care home, point of care recording is a must. The ability to view and record care whenever and wherever you are is critical to increasing care efficiency.

Having a device such as a mobile phone or tablet with you when with residents, allows you to record their care right then and there — reducing the chance of any mistakes. This has also been proved to increase comfort and satisfaction with residents.

Point of care recording allows the data captured to be accurate and detailed in nature, increasing efficiency and giving care workers more time to spend with residents, rather than paperwork.

2. Using mobile devices

Weather your care home purchases its own devices including laptops, mobiles and tablets, or your care workers are using their own devices, they are a must for conducting point of care recording. Using mobile devices within your care home provides more flexibility in how and when care is conducted with residents, helping to make them and your staff more comfortable.

3. Export report data

Being able to export your resident data is key for sharing vital information with the relevant parties. Care management software such as CareDocs can export your resident data from across the system, in a handy CSV format for easy sharing.

This allows you to have access to your resident data outside of the system if necessary, making the information easier to analyse with third-party software. CareDocs customers can also create custom reports and presentations that include analytical charts and much more.

4. Export care records

Your residents care records can also be exported as a PDF and saved locally to your computer or laptop, including care plans, charts, forms, emergency packs and daily notes. PDFs provide much more flexibility when it comes to communicating with others. Easily attach them to emails, open the on mobile devices and upload them to secure online portals.

5. Upload and view files

Uploading documents into your care software helps to create a paper-free working environment. Going paperless and moving to a digital way of working in care helps to reduce cost and supports any green credentials.

Several different types of files can be uploaded and viewed to support your care management including images, videos, and PDFs. Making documents much easier to access for everyone and saving on physical storage space.

6. Management portal

For care home managers, it’s important to have access to your resident records anytime, anywhere. With CareDocs management portal, you can access this as well as process things like security changes. It also comes with a range of analytical reports as well as a live version of your homes’ status.


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