We share five brands your care home can partner with to effectively manage expenses.

Keenan Recycling

Providers of a nationwide commercial food waste collection service – Keenan Recycling collect food waste from businesses, brokers and local authorities. Some of the businesses include restaurants, hotels, care homes, hospitals, prisons and cafes. The food waste collected is then transformed into electricity, heat and fuel. The brand supports the circular economy in the process that their food waste undergoes, which helps to drive greater resource productivity. Keenan Recycling are developing a Net Zero Transition Plan with a clear aim of creating a sustainable zero-carbon food waste collection business by 2030. keenanrecycling.co.uk

Fletcher Oils

Fletcher Oils are a UK based independent broker of used and fresh cooking oils. Having built up a comprehensive knowledge of the Used Cooking Oil marketplace over the past fifteen years, Fletcher Oils is able to invite offers from all interested buyers achieving the highest available rebate for your oil. The way it works is that a care home will save their used oil and organise it to be collected by Fletcher Oils. Upon collection, your home will receive a fee and the oil is taken to be recycled into fuel. fletcheroils.co.uk


Care homes operate as businesses, and like any business, they need to generate revenue and manage expenses effectively to remain financially sustainable. Proper financial management ensures that the care home can cover its operating costs, staff salaries, facility maintenance, and other expenses, while also potentially generating profits. Sage is a popular accounting software used by businesses to manage finances, invoicing, payroll, and other financial tasks. It offers specialised solutions for various industries, including healthcare and care homes, to help streamline expense management, in a time where this is essential. sage.com


Digital care management platforms in care homes refer to software solutions that facilitate the management and coordination of care services for residents or patients in care homes or long-term care facilities and KareInn does just that. The digital care management platform helps care homes manage resident care plans, medication administration, and other aspects of daily operations. While it may not directly handle financial management, it can assist in tracking care-related expenses, proving crucial in the current cost of living crisis. kareinn.com

QCS Quality Compliance System

QCS provides compliance management solutions for care homes, including policies, procedures, and quality assurance tools. While its primary focus is on compliance, it can indirectly contribute to efficient expense management by helping you avoid potential penalties or fines. With instant updates and an easy-to-use online interface, the system provides fast access to up-to-date policies and procedures. With up to 2,300 jargon-free and user friendly pages, the system contains a comprehensive set of policies and procedures as well as protocols care plans and supporting documentation. With QCS you can always find what you require and generate originals of documents via their easy to use search and print functions. qcs.co.uk