When recruitment is a continuing challenge, BA Healthcare provide tailored, affordable long-term solutions for the care sector. In this exclusive interview with the team’s UK Director, Richard Canavan, we delve into how the brand’s solution is unique and the ways in which it could elevate your care home logistics.


Please introduce us to BA Healthcare and the idea behind the brand.

We’re an Anglo-Filipino team, based in Malaysia and the UK.  We provide international personnel, mainly ex-pats from The Philippines, for the UK health and social care sector.  In fact, we’ve been doing it for over 20 years, placing almost 10,000 people in the UK.

The idea is simple – we partner with providers to build workforce sustainability.  The best people committed who are committed to careers in health and social care.

How does the recruitment solution from BA Healthcare stand out from others on the market?

There are two very important differences.  First, the quality of the people we place.  We only work with people with real qualifications and meaningful experience, very often in several different countries, the preparation and training we do in house and of course, our ability to work at any scale.  Second is our commitment to ethical recruitment, which is why we are the only recruitment business recognised by so many sector bodies including Care England and the National Care Forum.

What is the key aim of BA Healthcare?

To be a partner to our clients.  To be a business partners can trust and rely on, a business they know understands what they do, where they want to go, and is as concerned about their reputation as they are.

Tell us about what your service includes.

Almost everything!  We provide a complete international recruitment service from developing a strategy, to coordinating candidate selection, immigration processes, preparing and upskilling candidates, and then working with our clients to coordinate effective pre-departure and on-boarding processes.

How do you offer clients peace of mind that BA Healthcare is secure and they are hiring trustworthy individuals?

We do a huge amount of work with every single person we place.  Before they meet a potential employer, we will have interviewed them twice, checked their qualifications and experience, their immigration history and their motivations for working in the UK to make sure they are someone really committed to a career in care and someone who will really make a difference to a provider.

What benefits can our readers experience through working with BA Healthcare?

A 99% 3-year retention rate.  Reduction in bank and agency spend by up to 90% in under 6 months, a service that is cost neutral in around 3 months.

Most of all, the ability to look to the future with confidence, knowing workforce challenges won’t hold them back.