Miele’s new range of commercial dishwashers achieve outstanding cleaning results in just five minutes, making light work of a busy day

Leading German whitegoods manufacturer Miele Professional has announced the launch of its new range of commercial dishwashers, MasterLine. 

Designed to ease the everyday challenges for businesses with a busy kitchen environment, MasterLine provides a spotless clean in just five minutes, significantly reducing the workload caused by dirty crockery, glassware and cutlery. From care and nursing homes through to hospitals and clinics, it is an ideal solution for sectors where the highest levels of cleaning performance and hygiene is needed.

Thanks to Miele’s innovative technology, MasterLine helps streamline processes for each wash cycle with users able to take advantage of its short cycle times, an intuitive touch display, and up to 12 special purpose programmes.

Fully optimised dishwashing is also achieved with flexible and customised parameters and connectivity to Miele MOVE, a digital platform to improve machine management. This complementary mix of features enables the dishwasher to carry out 40 programme cycles per day, saving on costs and freeing up staff to focus on more valuable tasks. 

MasterLine has also been built to last and is designed to drive sustainability; qualities that customers have come to expect from all Miele products. Its durable components are made from recyclable materials whilst efficient technologies such as Dry+ and automatic dispensing save water, electricity, and detergent with each cycle.

Additional standout features include: 

Hygiene Performance

Its smart fresh-water system, specially developed hygiene and drying programmes and final rinse temperature of 85 °C ensure that excellent results are achieved in the shortest of times,removing 99.999% of bacteria, including strains of virus such as Corona or Norovirus.

Intuitive Display

The two control sets, M Touch Basic and M Touch Flex, provide fast access to favourite programmes and allow key settings to be adjusted to individual needs, thanks to symbols and display text in 32 languages. 

The M Touch Flex version offers additional convenience with its colour display. By tapping and swiping, you can alter programme names and watch illustrative how-to sequences explaining all aspects of the of the process. 

Smart Technology

Linked to Miele MOVE, the new MasterLine dishwashers are able to document all programme cycles and provide support in optimising processes. An intuitive dashboard and direct service interfaces help accelerate and improve wash cycles meaning the reprocessing of crockery, glassware and cutlery is transparent, efficient and professional.

Simon Venni, Head of Sales at Miele Professional, commented: “MasterLine has been developed to mitigate the enormous challenges associated with commercial kitchens and as a result, focuses on reducing cost, saving time, and improving hygiene for our customers. It is also integrated with the latest Miele technology to ensure wash processes are optimised for maximum efficiency.

“We’re proud to offer the reassurance that it has been tested to 28,000 cycles of uninterrupted use, on different types of crockery and with a wide range of residues. For example, stubborn stains such coffee, tea and lipstick can be removed without a trace. 

To learn more about MasterLine, please visit: https://www.miele.co.uk/p/masterline-dishwasher-4908.htm