Miele Professional helps The Orders of St John Care Trust streamline its laundry servicing, resulting in excellent savings.

The Orders of St John Care Trust is one of the UK’s leading not-for-profit care providers, providing trusted care, support and housing to residents and tenants across over 60 locations. The sole purpose of The Orders of St John Care Trust is to provide the best possible care to those who live with them – some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Looking to reduce downtime and costs with its laundry machines, the Trust wanted to adopt a streamlined approach to laundry servicing throughout the entirety of its homes. Graham Hipwell, Property Surveyor at the Trust, explains: “When laundry equipment breaks down in a care home, it really affects the day-to-day running of the home; so, across the Trust this was a high priority. For more consistency, we wanted one service contract that could support all our sites across the country and maintain them, rather than with multiple partners. That way, we would only have one point of contact, resulting in easier communication”.

Aware of Miele Professional’s reputation for outstanding customer service, the Trust turned to Nicola Whittaker, national account manager at Miele Professional, to create a strategy together which would identify the Trust’s needs. Speaking on their collaboration, Nicola said: “We worked with The Orders of St John Care Trust to create a new contract that would centralise the management of its laundry servicing, in hopes to decrease breakdowns and improve first time fix rates”.

Nicola continued: “The introduction of our strategy has been a great success, raising their first-time fix rates to 95%, as well as providing greater transparency of costs and usage to the customer. Within one year, we helped The Orders of St John Care Trust save over 10 times what they projected, thanks to the reduction of breakdowns in their laundry machines”.

On the topic of costs, Graham added: “When we get a machine serviced by Miele, the likelihood of that machine breaking down again is significantly reduced, resulting in greater savings. As we are a not-for-profit organisation, any savings made because of Miele can go back into the Trust where other purchases can be made for the residents. Thanks to our new strategy, we can forecast our budget for the next 10 years based on the cost of Miele’s machines”.

Additional to the benefits delivered, The Orders of St John Care Trust have also been impressed with the Miele Professional team. Graham commented: “We have created a rewarding relationship with Nicola and Miele Professional, it isn’t something you often find in a commercial setting. I believe this is due to Miele’s values as a family business, embodying transparency and trust. Thanks to this relationship, the dedicated support we receive and the great reduction in costs; we have extended our contract to dishwashing and ironing with Miele equipment throughout our entire estate of care homes across the country”. 

At Miele Professional, we provide tailored service contracts to meet your business’ individual requirements. If you have any questions or need individual advice, contact us at https://www.miele.co.uk/p/service-contracts-3096.htm.