In a bid to eliminate complications surrounding recruitment in care, Borderless aim to make international hiring simple. User of the technology-based platform, Lissy Verghese, Manager at Coniston Court Care Home, reveals the details and how it has benefitted her team.

Tell us about Borderless and how you use it.

Borderless helps us to hire candidates who need sponsorship (both within the UK or from overseas) smoothly, transparently and at a great price. The idea behind the brand is to make international hiring fast, reliable and affordable – both for employers and candidates. Recruitment has always been challenging and we are consistently not able to source enough candidates locally. This means that we need to hire international workers and using Borderless to hire them has taken a huge load off my shoulders! My team and I do not know all the nuances involved with the immigration process and would be worried about making mistakes – but with Borderless I can rest easy knowing that they have it all covered.

What made Borderless stand out for you?

So far there are no other providers in the market offering what Borderless can. Care home providers are often hiring through agencies who are not only unethical in how they handle the candidates but are also not as prompt or reliable – not to mention the fees are astronomical! With Borderless I know that the process will be handled professionally and efficiently.

What is the key aim of Borderless?

Their key aim is to ensure that both employers and international employees have full visibility into the costs and the different stages of the visa application process, and that the end to end experience is really simple for both us and them.

How do you gain peace of mind using Borderless?

On the Borderless portal I have full visibility into the candidates profile and their documents so I can see their passports, English Language test results and references. I also interview the shortlisted candidates and then the Borderless legal team further assess the paperwork for final submission.

Tell us about how the platform works.

Once a candidate fills out their details and uploads the necessary documents, the Borderless algorithm runs some initial checks to ensure that the candidates we are reviewing are eligible for the Health and Care worker visa. We then review the profiles of these vetted candidates and interview them. We flag the candidates we want to hire within Borderless, at which point they handle all the legals (CoS assignment etc.) and also automatically submit candidate visas. Finally, Borderless also helps us with ongoing compliance for existing candidates.

Borderless prides itself on streamlined interviews and visa support – can you tell us about this?

Borderless integrates with our calendar and allows us to schedule interviews automatically. We then progress the final candidates to the hiring stage within the system, and from there onwards Borderless takes over the entire immigration process. We can see which stage of the application process the candidate is in, for e.g., if they need to give their biometrics test, or if the visa decision is pending etc. from within the portal itself. With Borderless we have an end-to-end view of the candidate – right from reviewing their profile to the date they will land in the UK or start their work with us (if they are already in the UK).