Abbot Care Home in Harlow has unveiled an art exhibition in its reception area to showcase the artistic talents of the people who live there. 

Residents of Abbot Care Home love getting involved in activities that bring out their creative skills and put their artistic talents to the test. These types of activities also have a positive effect on personal wellbeing, whilst also providing people with an outlet to express themselves. 

Based on the natural connection residents had with the arts, the team decided to create their own art gallery so they could display the artistic talents of the people who live in the home. 

Residents were excited to hear there would be a display to show off their artwork, and during arts and crafts sessions that followed the announcement, residents began working on artwork to display in the gallery. 

Dubbed ‘Art from the heart’ the gallery now displays a range of artistic creations ranging from vibrant painted landscapes to poignant portraits that reflect residents’ stories. The gallery also proudly features beautiful bird paintings which were created by a person who used to live at Abbot Care Home. The reason behind displaying these pieces is to allow visitors to admire them in their beauty, but also, in the hopes that they can locate the artist’s family members and help to unveil the history behind them. These framed pieces will then be proudly displayed around the care home to showcase the legacy and talents of the people who have lived at Abbot. 

The rest of the artwork can be purchased directly from the care home. There is no set price for each piece, but a minimum donation of £5 is requested to help fundraise for the resident’s comfort fund, which helps to fund exciting days and new equipment for people who live in the home. 

If you would like to visit the art exhibition at Abbot Care Home and view or purchase any of the artwork, please get in touch with