Get ready to groove, sing, and celebrate as Portsdown View Care Home proudly presents Carechella, a brand-new, free, and family-friendly festival inspired by the popular American event Coachella. 

Carechella aims to unite generations through an inclusive and fun-filled day of festival activities, music, dance entertainment, and delectable food, fostering lasting connections within the community.

Breaking Barriers Through Intergenerational Unity:

Mark your calendars for Saturday, 19th August 2023, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the newly-opened Portsdown View Care Home in Havant.

Carechella offers a wonderful opportunity for individuals of all ages to come together and enjoy an engaging and joyous festival experience. It’s a celebration of the vibrant spirit of older adults and a chance to showcase the fact that age is no barrier to having fun and connecting with the community.

Sarah Peach, Care Home Manager at Portsdown View Care Home, shares her excitement at hosting the first ever Carechella festival this August: 

“Carechella was born from our passion for creating intergenerational connections and celebrating the lively spirit of older adults. 

Our collaboration with Later Living Marketplace Lottie exemplifies our dedication to debunking age-related stereotypes and fostering meaningful relationships between older adults and younger generations. Inspired by the renowned Coachella festival, Carechella promises to be an inclusive and joyous event for everyone, regardless of age.”

A Festive Escape for All Ages:

With online searches for free summer holiday activities surging over the last 3 months, Carechella aims to provide a vibrant and family-friendly experience that is perfect for the summer holidays. 

Attendees of all ages can partake in craft workshops, creating flower garlands, getting glitter tattoos, and crafting positive mantra stones. These hands-on experiences will serve as a platform for older adults, children, and care home residents to interact, bond, and create cherished memories together.

The festival will feature talented singers and artists who will entertain the crowd with a mix of classic hits and contemporary favourites. Attendees are encouraged to dance and sing along, making the festival an immersive and memorable experience for all.

Uniting Through Music, Food, and Fun:

Carechella will treat festival-goers to a delectable array of food options inspired by the spirit of Coachella. From burger vans to hot dogs and tex-mex cuisine, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

The festival not only seeks to celebrate the power of intergenerational connections but also aims to welcome new residents to Portsdown View Care Home, providing them with a lively and engaging environment. All residents are encouraged to join in the festivities and connect with the wider community.

Promoting Unity and Wellbeing Through Intergenerational Interaction:

Will Donnelly, Co-Founder of Later Living Marketplace Lottie, emphasises the importance of intergenerational engagement: 

“Carechella aims to bring together older adults, families, and children to mix, engage in activities, and forge lasting memories. 

Breaking down barriers and creating a sense of unity and understanding is at the heart of our partnership with Portsdown View. Spending time with different generations not only fosters unity but also provides significant health benefits for our wellbeing. We are proud to partner with Portsdown View to create a fun-filled family festival that embraces and celebrates new memories and friendships.”

A Festival for All Ages:

Carechella extends a warm invitation to everyone in the community, regardless of age, to join the celebration of intergenerational connections on Saturday, 19th August 2023. By fostering unity and breaking stereotypes, the festival aspires to create an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere where cherished memories are made and treasured.

Portsdown View Care Home is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of all attendees. Trained first aiders will be present throughout the event, and quiet corners will be available for those seeking a more relaxed environment.

For more information, please email