Alan lives at Park Avenue Care Home in Bromley and is well-known amongst the team and residents for his passion for golfing.

As a keen golfer since the age of 8, Alan is very talented and at his peak, had a handicap of five. For those who don’t understand golf, a person with a handicap of 5 is considered to be a very accomplished player!

Although Alan doesn’t get out on the course like he used to, this doesn’t stop him from keeping up to date with developments in the golfing world and watching others compete in a sport that he loves.

However, this recently changed when Alan was able to get his hands on some clubs and showcase his golfing talents when his daughter bought him an outdoor golf set from Australia. This meant that Alan would be able to continue practicing his golfing skills – a hobby he has enjoyed throughout his life.

After setting up the putting strip in the garden, Alan invited those who live and work at the home to join him outside for one-to-one golf lessons. Everyone was very excited about this and couldn’t wait to give it a go.

Alan took pride in sharing tips with the team and residents to help them perfect their shots. “Stand up straight, slightly bend your knees, left hand first and right above your left hand. Just practice swinging the golf club, don’t hit the ball,” said Alan. Throughout his lessons, Alan was also eager to maintain health and safety, especially when people were swinging the clubs.

Not only was Alan an informative coach, but he was also very supportive and when people missed, he would say “keep going,” or help them to make small adjustments so the ball travelled in a straight line.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning about golf with Alan and appreciated him taking the time to share his knowledge. He even managed to pass on his passion to a few people who have since shown an interest in watching the golf on TV.