Albany care home, a leading provider of care and nursing services under Healthcare Homes, is proud to announce the completion of a captivating and innovative art project by its residents. Through a collaborative effort, the residents have curated stunning collages that highlight their creativity, imagination, and artistic expression.

The project began as two activities. The first entailed the residents painting and using found objects from their own garden, using them like stamps, to leave colourful impressions on paper. The second activity involved residents scrunching up pieces of newspaper and applying them to A3 card with PVA glue, to create texture.

Building upon the backgrounds, the residents continued by putting together the results from their activities, to make mixed-media collages. Photocopied bird images, wallpaper cutouts, and painted leaf prints were carefully positioned onto the collages, adding layers of texture. This resulted in a creation of individual representations of the home’s garden.

Soon, these captivating artworks will be exhibited on the corridor walls of the home. This project is not just a display of talent but also a celebration of the residents’ resilience, spirit, and ability to find beauty and joy in their residency. It shows the power of creativity to uplift and inspire, serving as a source of pride and inspiration for both residents and visitors alike.

“We are always proud to give our residents fun and enriching activities, and this art project shows their love and pride in their home,” added Lynn Gray, Home Manager. “It’s heartwarming to see the smiles on our residents’ faces as they display their artwork.”

This collaborative art project not only provided residents with a creative outlet but also fostered a sense of community and camaraderie within the care home. It encouraged residents to explore their artistic abilities, share their unique perspectives, and connect with one another through art.

Healthcare Homes congratulates the residents on their remarkable achievement and looks forward to continuing to support their artistic endeavours in the future.