Priding itself on 22 years of excellence, Elite Care Services offers an admirable answer to temporary care staff and everything in between. This exclusive Q&A with the Elite team reveals how your home could benefit from their solutions.

Please introduce us to Elite Care Services.

Elite Care Services provides high quality care staff on a temporary basis to establishments across the UK. Carol Morris and son Kalvin Morris founded Elite Care Services in 2001, with 4 members of staff and 1 customer. Now in 2023, after two decades of care, we have an established client base of almost 400 Nursing, Residential, and Learning Disability establishments. We have provided thousands of jobs to care staff across the UK, and continue to keep a bank of over 200 outstanding members of staff employed at any given time. We have covered 2.8 million hours of care, provided over 128,000 hours of training 4000 people over the years, and helped hundreds of care homes.

Tell us about the private transport system you offer.

We have a fleet of drivers who take our staff straight to work from their front door and back again when they need it. It means our staff can rest easy knowing their transportation needs are covered, and they can come and go safely, and that our customers can wave goodbye to lateness excuses and waiting around for staff, come rain, shine or public transport strikes.

How does your staffing scheme stand out from other options that are available to care homes?

Our staff are trained to a quality above that which the CQC recommends, and all training is done in-house, with moving and assisting training included. Customers have come to expect that our staff will show up ready to work and will prove their experience throughout their shifts. More than that, we do our best to help care homes through the increased prices of absolutely everything, and we’re pushing an initiative to reduce food costs. We’re in talks with some major food suppliers to be able to bring our clients reduced food costs. We’ve already approached some of our current clients with help and advice on money saving, and making them aware of certain grants they may have previously been unaware of.

You supply content to help with recruitment in care homes, can you elaborate on this?

We have gotten our recruitment process to a perfect place – it’s so good that we can kick our process back in and it turns on like a tap with a few hundred applicants a week. We understand that care establishments struggle to hire at a similar rate, and so we’re currently motivated to help however we can. We’ve put together free content for care home managers and their teams to help them in their recruitment processes. Further to that, we’re also going to be providing marketing help, to make sure care homes run at capacity as much as possible.

What have previous clients of yours had to say about your staffing solution?

A previous customer, Hayley: “We have been using Elite to support us at Borovere Care Home for many years now. Recently we have had some amazing staff who have not only cared for our residents but have also made it a pleasant experience when they have been here.”

Call 08000418406 or email to start a conversation with one of our Managing Directors (Carol or Kalvin) at head office.