Kitchen operations in care homes are facing unprecedented challenges in today’s economy. With inflation rates reaching record highs and food and energy prices skyrocketing, every pound and penny counts.

In this FREE guide apetito looks at how care homes can take control of rising costs in the kitchen whilst maintaining high quality, delicious mealtimes that meet bespoke resident needs. The Guide is packed with useful information and guidance and shows how by making a few simple changes, care homes can make a big difference to the bottom line.

The Guide also explores how the VSA Group and Bridgeside Lodge have been able to make efficiencies, reduce food waste and successfully protect themselves from staffing shortages.

Richard Woodward, General Manager for Care Homes, said the Future of Care Home Catering Guide has been developed to give homes helpful advice and support during a time of turbulence and increasing cost.

“The Office for National Statistics recently reported the highest increase in food prices since 1977, with basic commodities costing significantly more. These rising costs are having a critical impact on a care home’s budget, especially when it comes to mealtimes.

“We know how hard it’s been for care home operators, managers, and owners to navigate galloping inflation, rising costs on top of a continuing labour crisis. They want caring for residents to be where their time and energy goes but are instead finding themselves having to spent time worrying about costs and resource.

“Our new guide focuses on how care homes can overcome cost and time challenges. It features best practices and methods to streamline labour and reduce costs and includes real-life success stories and expert insights to help readers gain a greater understanding on how they can survive and thrive in this economic climate.”

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