Susan Has A Brush-Takingly Fantastic Day  

At Redcot, the residential care home in Haslemere, Surrey, which is run by charity Friends of the Elderly, resident Susan Osbourne has been celebrating her 86th birthday surrounded by her family and care home friends.

Susan, who has been a resident at Redcot since September 2022, was born and raised in Canterbury in Kent and spent her happy childhood living with her parents in a two-bedroomed house. “I remember we didn’t have electricity,” said Susan. 

Susan attended the local village school and says that art was her favourite subject. “I loved drawing and painting,” added Susan. “It was one of the things my friends and I really enjoyed doing together. Growing up I wanted to be an Artist as I was, and still am, passionate about all types of art. Painting, drawing and creating art lets you find and lose yourself all at the same time.”

On her 21st birthday, Susan married her Husband Brian at the historic St. Vincent’s Church in Littlebourne, an ancient village close to Canterbury. There’s a mention of the Littlebourne church in The Domesday Book, referencing how it was originally built in wood by the Monks of St. Augustine’s. The Monks ‘kept the Parish vines’ which is backed up by the fact that the church’s full name is St. Vincent of Sargossa, who is the Patron Saint of Winemakers.

The happy couple continued to live in Canterbury, with Susan working in the Village Post Office. They became parents to two daughters – Teresa and Julie – and Susan is now a proud Grandmother to four Grandchildren.

Being born on 14th March 1938, Susan is part of what is known as The Silent Generation. “It’s a term which refers to those born between 1926 and 1945,” said Susan. “As my generation lived through World War Two, the name derives from an article in Time Magazine from the 1950s which suggested that the children of this generation were taught to be seen and not heard. I suppose that’s true as I wouldn’t have dared by any trouble to my parents as a child or teenager.”

It is said that individuals born under the star sign of Pisces have a creative spirit which shines through in all their pursuits, and that those born under the star sign Pisces are creative and imaginative. This is definitely true of Susan, as at Redcot, she still expresses her creative side by taking part in many of the care homes wide and varied activities. “I still draw and attend the arts and craft classes,” Susan continued. “I’m a keen knitter and still sew and knit as much as possible. We have a Knit and Natter Group here at Redcot, which I thoroughly enjoy too.”

“It’s wonderful having Susan live with us at Redcot,” said Jan Daly, the Registered Manager of the care home. “She is an absolute joy with a smile that lights up the room. Susan is a very popular and sociable resident at Redcot who has a great sense of humour and is always keen to join in with our activities, especially anything to do with art, crafts or knitting – and Susan also enjoys our regular afternoon talks.

“For her birthday, Susan asked to watch one of her favourite films, Titanic, which she did with lots of her care home friends. At tea time, everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to the Birthday Girl, and tucked into a delicious birthday cake, which everybody enjoyed.

“We are all so glad Susan had a wonderful 86th birthday, she’s a special lady who is a much loved member of the Redcot family. She is adored by all the care team and other residents and for her birthday, we wanted to show her how much she means to us.”

“I’m very happy living here at Redcot,” Susan added. “The carers are so kind and so helpful. We were chatting the other day about our Dream Team Dinner Guests and, with my love of art, I’d love to sit down with Renoir, I love his Impressionist style. I’d also invite Winston Churchill as I’m sure both gentlemen would keep the conversation going.”