Dartmouth based care home, Beacon House, part of the Centrum Care Group, has recently introduced an innovative hydration station in its communal lounge, significantly enhancing the experiences of its residents, particularly those living with dementia.

The concept of the hydration station was inspired by the desire to promote greater autonomy among residents, enabling them to effortlessly enjoy beverages while watching their favourite television shows, or engaging in conversations, much like they would in their own homes. This project is perfectly aligned with Beacon House’s focus on providing the highest quality of care and support, and is a vital addition to its comprehensive hydration programme – emphasising the critical role of hydration in maintaining resident health and mitigating risks such as falls and urinary tract infections (UTIs).

The hydration station features a user-friendly Tassimo coffee machine, offering a variety of beverages, including Cappuccinos, Mochas, Lattes, and Hot Chocolates. The design of the machine, with its conspicuous red colour and simple pod system, is tailored to meet the needs of residents living with dementia, ensuring ease of use and high visibility. Additionally, the station offers an assortment of cold drinks, snacks, and a small activity area where residents can partake in daily activities, while they have their drink.

The inception and implementation of the hydration station was a collaborative effort, involving both residents and team members. Following comprehensive dementia training, ideas were gathered and then executed. This teamwork highlights the inclusive and community-driven spirit at Beacon House.

The whole initiative has been met with enthusiasm and positive feedback from residents and their families. It has become a social hub, fostering camaraderie and conversation, and has led to noticeable improvements in hydration levels.

In addition to the station, Beacon House is engaging in other innovative projects, which centre around promoting independence and a sense of purpose for residents. For example, the team encourage residents to pursue hobbies, take part in new activities and help out around the care home, should they wish to. Sonia, a resident who actively participates in daily life at Beacon House, finds great accomplishment and enjoyment in setting the table for lunch each day, a task that not only gives her a sense of responsibility, but also provides opportunities for conversation and engagement with fellow residents.


Beacon House also organises regular trips to the local Memory Café, to Dartmouth library as well as other outings, ensuring community integration, autonomy, and fun. Team members are also creating cork boards for every resident to put up on their bedroom door, to showcase their lives and loves.


Suzanne Gatrell, Registered Manager at Beacon House care home, said:


“The hydration station is just fantastic. It’s so wonderful to see an idea come to fruition – every single person at the home has in some way, shape or form, been involved, so it’s very rewarding to not only see an environment of self-reliance, but the overall positive impact that the station is having on the health and wellbeing of residents. We are all about enriching the lives of residents here at Beacon House.”


For further details about Beacon House and its inspiring initiatives, please visit www.centrumcarehomes.co.uk/beacon-house.