BioScapes, a leading innovator in solutions for Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), has waived its installation costs to support the Allison Willis Trust’s mission. This collaboration aims to bring the positive impact of nature to local care home residents at Omega Oak Barn in Beadlam, near Helmsley, North Yorkshire.

The Allison Willis Trust purchased a WildPod® from BioScapes to donate to Omega Oak Barn care home. Both BioScapes and the Allison Willis Trust recognise the significant benefits of interacting with nature, which enhances mood, increases happiness and promotes positive social connections. This connection is particularly crucial for care home residents, especially those in the moderate to latter stages of dementia, who often have limited interaction with the natural world.

Terry Smithson, Biodiversity Manager at BioScapes, said, “At BioScapes, we’re dedicated to making it easier to bring wildlife back into our human-focused environment, creating spaces where plants, animals and fungi can thrive, and where people can reconnect with nature. We know that access to nature is great for our wellbeing so we were delighted to support The Allison Willis Trust with their work to improve the care home residents’ environment.”

Omega Oak Barn, a long-established, family-run care home, provides tailored care and support to meet the needs of each individual resident. With a friendly,

warm and supportive atmosphere, the care home already offers numerous stimulating activities for its residents.

Chris Buntin, Manager at Omega Oak Barn, expressed his enthusiasm for the new addition: “We’ve been looking for interesting ways to maximise opportunities to create more interaction and activity within our garden courtyard. We were excited by the BioScapes WildPod, which creates a home for all kinds of wildlife and offers numerous opportunities for our residents to encounter different plants and animals. We are very grateful to the Allison Willis Trust and BioScapes for their contributions.”

The Allison Willis Trust is dedicated to enhancing our connection with the natural world and improving our physical and natural environment. With a strong connection to Omega Oak Barn, the trustees were eager to help enhance the outdoor spaces and assist residents and visitors in rebuilding a closer connection to nature.

Jonathan Allison, Trustee of the Allison Willis Trust, explained their choice: “We chose the WildPod because it fits perfectly into the care home’s small, enclosed garden and appealed to all the senses. Its visually intriguing shape can be reshaped by the way it is planted and developed. The flowers and insects provide scents and sounds, with contributions from birds attracted to the garden. It is ideal for quiet contemplation of the natural world and for stimulating curiosity. Within a care home, it provides a natural focus for each generation, from small children to elderly residents.”

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