Jabriel, the owner of Blissful Care Homes, has successfully grown his business for over a decade. However, like most providers, Blissful Care Homes has recently struggled to attract high-quality staff locally.

Looking for ways to reduce reliance on agencies and strengthen his in-house team, Jabriel investigated international hiring. He considered doing it himself but “getting started seemed daunting. There is so much red-tape, plus how are we supposed to source, vet, support and relocate every candidate and expect the whole process to go through without any hitches?” It was clear managing international hiring in-house would be impossible. So despite their high fees, Jabriel felt compelled to use international recruitment agencies.

“Their communication was awful. We would hear nothing for weeks or months and then suddenly they informed our teams that someone was arriving tomorrow, affording us no time to make preparations for their arrival. We pride ourselves on a thorough induction process for new starters but having 24 hours notice doesn’t allow us an opportunity to plan and manage our resources to enable this.

It also took forever, one candidate had been waiting 2 months just for her visa to be processed! It’s frustrating to know that you have a candidate who wants to start but the agency just can’t get them here. Meanwhile, temping agencies are charging extremely high fees for the temporary cover.”

In December 2022, Blissful Care Homes started using Borderless’ technology to streamline their international hiring process. Stephanie, Broadmead Rest Home’s Deputy Manager, was able to find and hire qualified candidates from all over the world. Stephanie’s first candidate was Natale, a registered nurse originally from the Philippines, who was working in Hong Kong and providing world-class care. Despite Natale being an ideal candidate with years of experience, the complexity and bureaucracy would normally have made Stephanie reluctant to progress with her application.

With Borderless, however, once Stephanie clicked “Hire”, the immigration process started immediately. Alongside the automated software and UKVI SMS integration, a dedicated in-house team was ready to support queries from both Stephanie and Natale. And just 4 weeks later, Natale landed at Heathrow ready to join the Blissful Care Homes team and start a new life in the UK.

Stephanie: “The whole process is hassle free and very light from my perspective. I love the transparency & control I now have. I’m no longer anxious and am able to plan for my new colleagues’ arrival.”

Why did Jabriel choose Borderless?

“The obvious benefits are time savings and better management of finances. Before, if someone resigned we had to use agency to fill the gap because candidates wouldn’t arrive for months. Now, we start looking, find someone straight away and as the processing is faster with Borderless, the candidates arrive a lot sooner than we previously experienced.

The other benefit is the morale of staff and the management team: managers are happier as they no longer have to rely on agencies covering shifts. This improves the atmosphere for front line staff too. Additionally, each home’s management team save considerable time as they are not wasting time and effort emailing recruiters for CVs and booking interviews manually. This is all now completed in seconds with a few clicks. The management team now swear by Borderless.

The final benefit is partnership. Borderless has a great culture – they proactively welcome input, and this means the platform evolves rapidly. Often I see changes I’ve requested appear in the product within days.”