Borough Care, a leading provider of residential care services for older people in Staffordshire and Stockport, has announced its decision to continue paying the Real Living Wage. The organisation has pledged to uphold this commitment as the new Real Living Wage rate comes into effect in April – an increase of 10% to £12.00 per hour, and significantly more than the industry average hourly wage for care workers – currently £9.80 per hour. *

The news comes as the organisation was, for the second year in a row, named one of the Top 20 Midsize Care Home Groups in the UK at the awards which were announced on February 28th. is the UK’s biggest care home reviews website, with thousands of families using it every year to find their perfect care home. The Care Home Awards recognise the top-rated care homes and care home groups in the UK, based on reviews from residents and their loved ones.

The Real Living Wage, independently calculated based on the cost of living, ensures that employees receive a wage that meets their basic needs and enables them to live comfortably. Borough Care recognises the importance of fair compensation for its hard-working employees and acknowledges the positive impact that paying the Real Living Wage has on employee well-being and job satisfaction.

In 2021, Borough Care became the first large residential care provider in the UK to start paying the Real Living Wage in direct response to staff feedback and recognition of the continued dedication shown by their team. CEO, Dr Mark Ward cites Borough Care’s accreditation as a Real Living Wage Employer as the“proudest achievement in his career to date”.

“We are proud to announce that Borough Care will continue to pay the Real Living Wage to all our employees, reaffirming our commitment to fair compensation and valuing the dedication and hard work of our staff,” said Dr Ward. “Ensuring that our employees receive a wage that reflects the true cost of living is integral to our values as an organisation. We believe that paying the Real Living Wage is not only the right thing to do ethically but also makes good business sense. It fosters loyalty, motivation, and a sense of pride among our employees, ultimately contributing to the exceptional care we provide to our residents.”

As a not-for-profit organisation, Borough Care reinvests any surplus money into the services it offers, to serve the best interests of its residents, their families and its employees. Borough Care operates 10 care homes in Stockport and two care homes in Staffordshire, employing over 800 team members.

The decision to continue paying the Real Living Wage aligns with Borough Care’s mission to prioritise the well-being of its employees and provide a supportive and fulfilling work environment. By investing in its workforce, Borough Care aims to attract and retain talented individuals who are passionate about delivering high-quality care to older adults in the community. Borough Care is committed to advocating for fair wages across the care sector and encourages other organisations to join in its efforts to support employees and promote social and economic justice.