• ‘We Care, Because You Do’ campaign highlights products and support to help care homes manage current financial and practical challenges while meeting residents’ needs
  • Updated care home pageincludes product guides, menu support and other resources for care catering professionals.
  • Cathy Amos, Head of Healthcare Customer Marketing, at Brakes said: “Our relaunched expert care home page is a testament to our commitment to supporting care home operators, catering managers and chefs by providing them with practical advice and innovative solutions that help address the challenges of cost optimisation.

Brakes, the UK’s leading food wholesaler, has launched a new campaign aimed at helping care providers manage a range of budgetary and practical challenges being driven by labour shortages and food price inflation.

Its new ‘We Care, Because You Do’ campaign highlights the additional support and resources available to care home owners and managers, procurement specialists and chefs, over and above its market-leading range of food, drink and catering supplies.

It comes as research carried out by Brakes has found there’s been a 179% rise in online searches for ‘care home food menu’ over the last year and a 100% rise for ‘care home nutrition’ over the last three months alone,  suggesting that there is a real need for fresh menu ideas and nutritional advice within the care  industry.

The company has also updated its dedicated care page on its website to provide insights into how care caterers can save money, reduce waste and manage kitchen skills shortages. Other key resources include:

  • Free Downloadable Four Week Menu Cycle Plan: Specially prepared by Brakes’ healthcare lead development chef, in-house nutritionist and category team, the downloadable menu cycle helps with meal planning and ensures residents can enjoy a varied, nutritious diet, even under financial constraints.
  • Product Guides and Dish Ideas: From allergen-friendly options to culturally specific menus, these resources help care caterers homes to create enjoyable and inclusive dining experiences for all residents.
  • Downloadable Calendar for Occasions and Cultural Events:Designed to help with planning themed menus for special occasions and cultural events to boost residents’ wellbeing and foster a sense of community.
  • Easy-to-Read Factsheets covering the most important dietary and health conditions affecting care home residents, including dementia and coeliac disease.
  • Free Nutritional Training Course: The only course of its kind in the UK accredited by the Association for Nutrition (AfN), this free online course provides care home caterers with valuable insights into menu planning, special diets, and more.

Cathy Amos, Head of Healthcare Customer Marketing, at Brakes said: “At Brakes, we understand the financial strain and regulatory uncertainties care homes face in delivering exceptional dining experiences amidst food inflation challenges and government funding social care uncertainty.

“Our relaunched expert care home page is a testament to our commitment to supporting care home operators and catering managers by providing them with practical advice and innovative solutions at this time.

“We aim to empower care homes to continue providing residents with nutritious and enjoyable meals while navigating these difficult circumstances.”

Danny Silcock, Healthcare Lead Development Chef at Brakes, said: “Working as a chef in care can often seem challenging with lots of diverse and individual needs as well as having to cater for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

“So, we have created lots of useful material that will help, support and inspire you. Anything from new recipe ideas to a solid 4-week menu cycle that is nutritionally balanced and several videos including IDDSI that you and your staff can access any time of day or night.

“Created by our sector chefs who understand the needs and requirements to enhance the dining experience for residents living in care.”

Ruth O’Sullivan, Nutritionist at Brakes, said: “Care caterers have a huge responsibility to not only provide tasty and appealing meals but to also support residents with complex nutritional needs.

“With this in mind, we have created a number of nutrition resources to help support our customers.

“We have advice leaflets on catering for health conditions like diabetes and malnutrition, plus others focussed on nutrients such as fibre, iron and salt.

“We also have an online nutrition course that has been certified by the Association for Nutrition. It provides information on eating well for older adults and catering for special dietary needs like malnutrition, diabetes, dementia and dysphagia.

“We want to provide our customers with easy access to nutrition resources, that they can rely on to support their own development and ultimately help support the nutritional needs of their residents.”