As experts in offering luxury assisted living, nursing, respite and dementia care across various locations, the team at Signature Senior Lifestyle understand the importance of investing in a reliable communications provider. In this insightful case study, we speak with Neil Phillips, Commercial Director for Signature Senior Lifestyle to find out more about the invaluable partnership which makes communication seamless between Signature Senior Lifestyle and Cambridge Telecoms.

What initiated the decision to work with Cambridge Telecom?

In 2007, we had grown to a size whereby we needed someone to manage our fleet of mobile phones. Previously, our account had been managed directly by the Network but we wanted an impartial and pro-active advisor to manage the day-to-day requirements and keep control of our expenditure. After looking into a new provider, we decided that Jon Anderton and Cambridge Telecom would be a great fit to provide that support, and after all these years, it’s a partnership that still works fantastically.

Tell us about the initial sign up, how easy was it to implement the work of the company into the home?

It was a very easy transition. What really helped was that the Cambridge Telecom team took the time to fully understand our business and its specific requirements. Knowing how we operated, with our care specifically designed around the individual, helped them to understand what they could do to make our life easier. There is a constant dialogue between Signature’s residents and their families to ensure the care being delivered supports the individual wellbeing of all residents and Cambridge Telecom allows this to be seamless.

What are the main benefits you have experienced since working with Cambridge Telecom?

Over the last 17 years, our technical requirements have naturally increased and Cambridge Telecom have become a trusted advisor, supplying mobile and fixed services alongside high-quality data connectivity . Their diligence and expertise allows our internal teams to work on other projects and, coupled with their pro-active account management, they have made a great contribution to our operations and our budgets – hugely helping to improve our reputation as a care provider.

Can you share any feedback you have received from the residents and their families regarding the ease of communication?

Nowadays, having always-on communications, whether via landlines, mobile phones or over the internet is viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury within a care home. Our residents, and their families, expect to have 24/7 communications. Equally as important, is that our nursing team and our support systems require always-on connectivity. Through working with Cambridge Telecom, connectivity is never a problem, meaning staff and families alike are satisfied and confident in our operations.

As well as serving a purpose for you and the home, have you found that Cambridge Telecom have been helpful in offering advice surrounding topics you’re unsure on? Tell us about this.

Internally, we have a very knowledgeable technology team but knowing what we’d like to do is different to knowing how to incorporate things in practice. As an example, we are constantly building new care homes and knowing that we require, for example, a data connection to be installed by March is different to getting it done. Cambridge Telecom now support our contractors to make sure that they, and Openreach, are speaking the same language and that potential problems are foreseen and avoided, making it achievable to meet realistic deadlines.

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