Burns Night celebrations were in full swing at Glennfield Care Home on January 25th as the team hosted a day of exciting, Scottish-themed activities. 

Celebrating the places that people come from and the beliefs they follow is important to the team Glennfield, so they regularly engage with national awareness days throughout the year. As Glennfield is home to people who are from Scotland or have Scottish family members, Burns night was a national day they didn’t want to miss! 

Activities started with a group reading of the Daily Sparkle. This special edition was all about Scotland and provided residents with a virtual tour of well-known Scottish landmarks. This edition of the Daily Sparkle also included lots of interesting information about Scotland and the history of the country. For the people who grew up in Scotland, it was a nice way to experience a taste of home from the comfort of their armchairs, whilst for those who hadn’t visited before, it was a wonderful way to learn more about the country! 

After learning more about Scotland, it was time to indulge in some live Scottish music! Katherine, also known as the Fenland Piper, visited to perform some folk music using her bagpipes. Lots of the people living at Glennfield said they hadn’t seen bagpipes played live before, so it was a new experience they were excited to be a part of. 

Katherine had the whole room tapping, clapping and dancing along to the music she played. Residents really enjoyed watching her play the bagpipes, and some were interested to learn more as it looked quite difficult to play. Katherine was happy to answer questions from the group, before touring the home to play her bagpipes to people spending time in their bedrooms. 

Everyone agreed that celebrating Burns Night was lots of fun, especially the people who were born and raised in Scotland. After seeing how much people enjoyed listening to the bagpipes, the team is planning to welcome Katherine back soon for another tuneful performance.