Care England is concerned about energy renewal costs faced by care providers since the War in Ukraine and following feedback from our hugely successful energy webinars and our subsequent formal challenge into OFGEM around unduly onerous energy supplier practises, Care England wants to support care providers to secure the best value for money possible for Gas and Electricity.

As energy costs increased, impacting the sector’s financial stability, Care England is mindful of another volatile year ahead, as some energy suppliers remain unreasonable with prices and deals available, seek excessive upfront deposits, and charge hefty risk premiums, coupled with a low appetite to offer competitive deals.  The uncertainty around any extension of the government’s Energy Relief Scheme makes it increasingly challenging for care providers to establish energy solutions and stay ahead of the game.

To keep 2023 renewal costs sustainable, accessing the best possible advice will again be key, and to maximise energy supplier interest and offers are keenly priced whilst minimising excessive risk premiums. Care England intends to offer care providers the opportunity to combine energy volumes, to maximise significant economies of scale and is issuing an Exclusive Care England bulk tender for 2023-24 Gas and Electricity 2023 renewals, tendered through not-for-profit consultancy Box Power, to all energy suppliers in January 2023.

Using Box Power data, Care England has been feeding the DHSC, BEIS, the CQC, iESE (CareCubed) and Local Authorities with critical energy consumption data built on a model of 55,000 care home beds in England, to ensure they are aware of the real-time impact of energy costs for the sector and believes a sector-wide energy tender for all care providers will help to gather not only the best possible commercial arrangements for participants but to ensure BEIS receives the most relevant market intelligence and data, to help ensure that any ongoing support has the necessary impact on the sector.

It is imperative, especially for the care sector that energy options are identified and analysed appropriately in anticipation of the optimum February to April renewal window, to secure the best possible energy contracts that can be offered to participants regardless of when they renew their energy in 2023.

At this stage, we are asking for expressions of interest, no later than 16th December 22, to participate in the energy tender expected which will be facilitated in January 2023. This will enable completed tender results to be analysed and completed for each care provider/group, to ensure they can make an informed decision and benefit from the lowest possible price for energy.  Further details of how the Tender will work, along with FAQs will follow in late December once we understand the total UK-wide volumes.

Who qualifies? Any care provider (members/non-members) can qualify to participate and benefit from the bulk tender by choosing one of the 3 options available once they have expressed their interest:

Join our Healthcare Flexible gas & electricity baskets to access wholesale prices and trading advice.

Join our full Exclusive bulk tender process and be guided to the best supplier.

For single Care Home operators, access to commission-free advice and pricing options.

How do I apply?  If you would like to be included in this exclusive tender and benefit from the crucial advice and guidance, at this stage please just register your interest by clicking the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST LINK and provide; contact information, bed/capacity details, the percentage of your Gas and Electricity due, and renewal dates and you will be contacted with the next steps to confirm your participation.

Who is Box Power CIC? Box is a philanthropic not-for-profit consultancy that has donated £800,000 to charity in the last year. They have just been awarded (30th Nov) at the TELCA’s the top award in their industry for making a difference. They are also the most experienced in our care home sector and already procure and manage the energy cost and usage needs for the very largest operators. Click here to review the accuracy of their 2022 predictions/advice, and what their clients think of them.

For more information, please visit the Care England website.