Over 100 years of combined experience.

In a fitting tribute this International Women’s Day, CHD Living, a family-owned care group, honoured the extraordinary women on its senior leadership team. This celebration not only acknowledges their individual and collective contributions, but also highlights the organisation’s commitment to nurturing and advancing women’s careers within the care sector.

CHD Living’s senior leadership team, predominantly composed of women with decades of service, showcases the dynamic career trajectories possible within the organisation. These leaders exemplify loyalty, innovation, and compassion, helping to drive CHD Living’s success.

Nazira Hasham, CEO and Founding Partner of CHD Living, reflects on the organisation’s journey and its vibrant culture of supporting women: “For over forty years, we have been committed to empowering women to excel and lead. Our leadership team, made up of seven strong, independent females, many of whom began their careers in frontline positions, are a shining example of our dedication to professional development and equality. Their journeys with CHD Living underscores the limitless opportunities for growth and the significant impact women can make in the care sector. On this International Women’s Day, we celebrated their achievements and reaffirm our responsibility to fostering an inclusive and encouraging environment for all in our CHD family.”

Nazira’s own story is one of resilience and pioneering spirit. Migrating from Uganda as a refugee, she transitioned from a pharmaceutical career to co-found CHD Living, driven by a profound respect for elder care, ingrained in her from a young age. Over the years, her expansive role, ranging from direct care provision to strategic oversight, reflects her unwavering commitment and passion for care – the very essence of what CHD Living stands for.

Within the heart of the care group, there are many stories of growth and success, especially for the women who have shaped its legacy. Each of them brings forth their unique narrative.

Becs Page’s 15-year tenure at CHD Living exemplifies progression and opportunity. Starting her journey as a Care Supervisor, Becs now heads up the quality assurance and compliance department, a role critical to maintaining the high standards of care CHD Living is known for. Her story, from conducting audits to mentoring team members, illustrates not just the scope of development at CHD Living but also the personal fulfilment it brings. Becs’ advice to all the women out there: “Don’t be defined by other people; you define yourself.”

Helen Aitchison, who has worked with the organisation for over a decade, has progressed through a number of roles. She is now part of the senior leadership team as Head of Communications and Transformation, which is testament not only to Helen’s hard work, but CHD Living’s ability to recognise and nurture talent. Helen shared: “I wouldn’t say the organisation supports women differently to men, but they’re most certainly inclusive. Senior management in the care sector is still heavily male dominated, however CHD Living stands apart from this with a higher proportion of females sitting at senior management and board level. This isn’t something that has been purposefully structured, it’s happened organically and that is what is so special about this organisation.”

Nicole Fitzsimons went from Support Worker to Group Branch Manager for care at home. She shared: “I have been provided with many openings throughout my career. I have progressed through six roles within my 10 years at CHD Living and wouldn’t be where I am today without the team here. I have grown professionally and personally.”

Rebecca Connolly made a transition from the care at home sector and became Regional Manager for CHD Living’s southern care homes. She said: “The organisation gave me the opportunity to take on a new role from home care to care homes. I was guided through the entire transition, and I receive regular training as well. I’ve even been able to start my Level 7 qualification in leadership and business.”

Tracy Lazell, Regional Manager, has a career in care and support spanning 33 years – starting out as a carer and working her way up to management and now one of CHD Living’s Regional Manager’s.

Highlighting the career of Shaleeza Hasham, Commercial Director and a member of the founding family, her story is a beacon of innovation and leadership. Having officially worked at CHD Living for 15 years, Shaleeza’s journey from providing administrative and marketing and communications support, to steering the organisation’s commercial strategies, demonstrates the breadth of opportunities at CHD Living. Her achievements, including spearheading the Adopt a Grandparent charity and receiving numerous industry accolades, reflect CHD Living’s pioneering outlook and devotion to community service.

Shaleeza said: “Working at CHD Living extends far beyond just a job – it is a lifestyle. We are responsible for the wellbeing of so many people, our team members, our residents and their families and I love that our core values are centred around family values. Every day is fun, and every day is different.”

Nazira Hasham added: “I could not be prouder of our team members, and we are incredibly grateful to have such inspirational individuals working with us. I encourage all women to follow their hearts.  Break the glass ceiling and don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do something.”