Larkfield View, Inverclyde.

Larkfield View is a purpose-built, 90 bed, care home that prides itself on providing quality, person-centred care for those requiring nursing care, dementia care and palliative care. The home is equipped with modern amenities and the bedrooms are bright and spacious with ensuite shower facilities. The home has been designed with the aim of creating an enabling and engaging environment. 

Part of the family-run Holmes Care Group, Larkfield similarly embraces the benefits of family and making connections with others, in its relationship-focused approach, ensuring both residents and their families are at the heart of everything they do. Larkfield recognise everyone is unique and encourage residents to personalise their bedrooms with personal belongings and small items of furniture, believing it’s the individualism and celebration of people themselves that make Larkfield a truly special place to live.  By creating a warm and welcoming environment, residents feel able to recognise and develop their own individual strengths and abilities.  The promotion and support of independence supports their wellbeing, comfort, and safety, whilst empowering them to live an enriched and fulfilled life. 

The recognition and appreciation of the people at Larkfield is clearly the cornerstone of the home’s success; the dedicated team have received numerous awards, not least a prestigious national award for their exceptional end of life care provision. The team received the Palliative and End of Life Care Practice honour at the Care Home Awards, run by Scottish Care. The Scottish honour followed on from Larkfield getting through to the final three in the Northeast England and Scotland heat of the Great British Care Awards.  The home value and appreciate their staff, providing them with professional and personal development training to ensure the care they provide is consistently of the highest quality, co-ordinated, and forward-thinking. The 24-hour team of qualified nurses and carers have a wealth of experience in understanding the individual needs of each resident, delivering personalised, coordinated care, thereby enabling residents to live with purpose. 

With noted excellence in end-of-life care, Larkfield created its own bereavement charter, with a designated person acting as the main point of contact for staff who want to speak about their own experience. The introduction of ‘circle’ meetings, after the loss of a resident, also gives staff time to reflect. The home also holds a very emotional ‘tree of honour’ ceremony, where family members of people who have passed can visit and pay their respects.  

A particularly unique aspect, and something that truly sets Larkfield apart from standard care homes, is its initiative of taking residents on an annual holiday.  This unusual, much anticipated and popular scheme, involves taking residents to a caravan park, where they can stay for two or three nights, as appropriate to the needs, wishes and requirements of the individual, with focus on togetherness and fun. With a wealth of inclusive activities and fun-filled interactions, these holidays are a highlight in both resident and staff calendar, and clear testament to Larkfield’s philosophy of making every moment count.  

Another highly popular, established event is the Annual Away Day to Largs, a traditional seaside resort on the Firth of Clyde, complete with a Victorian promenade and a choice of ice cream parlours and souvenir shops.  Last year 74 out of 90 Larkfield residents joined this much-loved daytrip.  Friends and relatives are very much encouraged to join in the fun, with the highlight being fish and chips and a huge party, complete with entertainer. One notable feature of this activity is that it is organised with no cost to residents and their families and is funded by monies raised by staff through fundraising events.

Larkfield’s proactive and positive connection with the local community is exemplified with the Fashion Show for Residents and children of staff that took place earlier this year at Tenants Hall.  Residents strutted their stuff up and down the catwalk much to the clear enjoyment of the friends, family and members of the local community who were there to support them. This glamorous and popular event is another fantastic example of how Larkfield actively foster and maintain relationships with the wider community. Having access to a dedicated minibus gives residents the opportunity to regularly travel further afield, and experience life beyond the physical walls of the home itself. 

Larkfield Manager, Elsie MacLennan, revealed the home’s ‘bigger PR’ stems from recommendations from relatives of current residents, notably often during show round visits for prospective families looking round the home. Elsie acknowledges that this first-hand, authentic endorsement of the care provided, is the biggest compliment there is.