Aarandale Manor is a purpose-built luxury Care Home in a prominent position conveniently located in Mill Hill which is an affluent suburb in the London Borough of Barnet. It has been specifically designed to provide welcoming communal areas, with quieter lounges on each floor for contemplation and private visits with family and loved ones and offers larger than average luxury bedroom suites.

The home offers a modern yet classical, luxurious and smart decor, and Kirsty Harris, Home Manager revealed how the luxury appearance as expected with most high-end homes provides an excellent first impression.

“Aarandale Manor retains a homely feel that envelops you, the staff team and the home’s culture provide an instant warmth and together with the aesthetically pleasing environment our occupancy remains full with a waiting list for new residents.”

The overall design of the home plays an important role in the type of care Aarandale Manor provides. The theme on the dementia floor is centred around London Transport and iconic London landmarks which Kirsty explained is to inspire reminiscing and promote communication between staff and residents as memories are shared.

“The luxury theme is maintained throughout the home but enhanced with dementia friendly way finding signage and sensory items to promote living well with dementia”, Kirsty added.

Aarandale Manor has a range of living options and as a registered nursing home they can support residents through their life’s journey from residential, nursing, dementia right through to palliative care.

“Through this journey our residents get to know us all, building relationships, friendships and trust, enabling us to not just person-centred care but a more in depth, tailored and personal care support approach.”

It is through forums, surveys and open-door policies where choices on likes and dislikes are discussed what makes the home stand out to potential residents. Kirsty and her team value the importance in listening but she commented: “it’s important to recognise and listen but most importantly embracing new ideas and celebrate choice for all.”

The home also offers a range of professional services as the boast a strong philosophy of when a new resident moves in it should be a change of postcode and not necessarily a change of lifestyle: “unless of course we are enhancing that lifestyle”, commented Kirsty.

Working closely with the Multi-Disciplinary team, the home has had residents discharged to them from hospital that have flourished under their care and have seen improvements in their mobility and overall wellbeing, meaning they have been able to return home living with loved ones.

At Aarandale Manor they are strong believers that embracing and being part of the local community has a huge bearing on their reputation: “Supporting and helping each other and being accessible to our community whilst creating our own community family within our home is essential for us.

“Living with purpose is so important to everyone. We listen to our residents and their families where possible in order to help them fulfil this”, added Kirsty.

Take the lovely Ann Fox as an example who featured in a previous issue of Care Home Magazine. Ann loves helping on the home’s reception, greeting people, professionals, family and friends alike and the team encourage this because it provides her with a sense of purpose.

“To me as a manager, it’s about listening to people, supporting each other and embracing new ideas to help us learn and thrive” finished Kirsty.