Care Home Magazine caught up with Veronica Henman, the General Manager of one the latest additions to the Hallmark care home family, Banstead Manor, to find out exactly what makes it special in what is a competitive industry.

Banstead Manor markets itself as offering high standards of residential, nursing and dementia care; a ‘whole team approach’ as Veronica puts it, is what allows them to maintain this great standard. The home has adopted a team-led action plan, which is shared with everyone so they are aware of the direction of travel and are invested in how to further improve Banstead Manor’s care delivery. 

Veronica highlighted the large amounts of resident involvement and believes this aspect also contributes massively to the development of the home. She says: “We have an activities forum where residents can give feedback on the activities schedule, and food tastings where residents can tell us everything from which fish they prefer to their favourite wine, so we can tailor the menu to their wishes and take note of their preferences.”

Stand-out elements of the care home include a hair salon and a cinema room; Veronica explained that all of the facilities are a real asset to the home because they give ‘that’ community feel and enable residents to socialise with family and friends. The use of these facilities are also included in the cost of the care, so residents can enjoy a weekly trip to the hair salon, and a manicure/pedicure as well as regular chiropody treatment in the therapy room at no additional cost. 

“Our residents and their relatives really appreciate that this is included and respect the fact that we are transparent about our fees.” Veronica commented.

In July 2021, Banstead Manor were awarded with a Good overall rating from the Care Quality Commission, something which is highly sought after by potential residents. In order to reach the goal of an Outstanding status, Veronica explained how the team ensure they are on track by having a robust schedule of audits with a high bar for an acceptable score: “We also work collaboratively with the whole team, the residents and relatives. This means we now have a real opportunity to enhance our care delivery further. Looking beyond compliance as a team towards how we can innovate and develop the home with residents and their families, is at the forefront of our minds.”

The aesthetically pleasing purpose-built 77-bedroom care home boasts a wonderful ethos, which is ‘first and foremost, everyone must care!’ Veronica highlighted the importance of Banstead Manor’s team members demonstrating care and passion from day one as she commented: “We can teach our team to perform tasks and we can develop their skill and knowledge base but we cannot teach someone to be caring.” 

The care home staff pride themselves on an internal development first-approach to succession planning and work hard to make the best use of everyone’s individual skills: “For example, one of our housekeepers who had a real passion for exercise was supported to develop and now runs a weekly ‘movement to music’ class for our residents. This has created a real sense of fulfilment for our team member, and the residents really enjoy the class as well.”

When posing such brilliant ideas, movements and additions in a care home, it is vital to make it a key area when creating marketing strategies to appeal to potential residents. At Banstead Manor, they have a good Customer Relationship Manager whose role is to raise awareness of the home through advertising and building relationships with the local community: “We also have strong links with local charities and community organisations such as the Banstead Business Guild and Rotary Club.” Added Veronica.

Whilst marketing continues to be a key factor in heightened success across a number of industries, there is nothing better than authentic and honest feedback. Banstead Manor welcome all feedback so they can learn from it and improve their care delivery. As of now, the home are proud to have a 9.7 out of 10 review score on from residents and their families. Positive feedback is always welcome and sharing this with the team is great for a sense of boosted morale so they know they are appreciated for all their hard work. 

The most consistent feedback received from both relatives and residents at Banstead Manor is that everyone is ‘so kind’; “for me this is the basis of everything we do” finished Veronica.

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