Connaught Care has launched a new partnership with leading air purification specialist, Greentech Environmental. This is a key milestone for improving indoor air quality in the UK care industry, which can be an estimated 5-20 times more toxic than outdoor air.

By deploying Greentech’s cutting-edge Pure Air filtration system in its Huntingdon-based home, The Chase, Connaught hopes to create a safer living environment for residents and staff. The Chase is the first and only UK care home which currently has this system installed – which uses some of the same technology as NASA.

Nicola Orwin, General Manager of The Chase, says:

“After the pandemic, there has been a much greater focus on ensuring care homes are safe and healthy places for people to live. Sending a loved one to live in a home is a deeply emotional process, and worrying about whether they will be safe is always their main concern. That’s why we are delighted to have the Pure Air system installed at The Chase, which truly is the gold standard in air filtration. If this system can reassure residents and their families that they will be properly looked after, then we consider it worth every penny”. 

Pure Air is one of the most complete and effective air treatment systems on the market. It operates 24 hours a day to kill harmful viruses and bacteria – including Covid-19 in the air, and surface-based bacteria such as MRSA. This significantly reduces instances of both airborne disease and surface contamination, and will help to future-proof The Chase against future pandemics.

It is also the only purification tech in the world which can effectively eliminate odour molecules without the use of Ozone. Using a new technology called ODOgard, it leaves facilities smelling fresh and clean at all hours of the day.

The Chase will track the number of chest infections, upper respiratory infections, and incidents of Covid-19 amongst its residents to gauge the system’s impact on health and safety. It hopes this data will be of use to other care providers when making decisions about indoor air quality in their own homes.

Amanda Smith, Chief Operating Officer of Connaught Care Group, says:

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Greentech Environmental, as we join hands to ensure the highest standards of air quality and purity within our homes. By monitoring and improving air quality, we aim to reduce the risk of illness or infection transmission, enhancing the health of our community. Together, we look forward to tracking the positive trends in reducing infection rates and fewer staff absences, embracing a brighter and healthier way of living”.

Connaught Care aspires to be a market-leader in future proofing its care homes against potential future risks. It is building the next generation of care homes which will set new standards in service, premium facilities, and luxury accommodation.