Christmas is also referred to as the best time of the year, when families gather, celebrate, eat and share gifts creating moments they can treasure forever.

However, Christmas inside a care home is very different as each person has a different experience of the day. Some people receive visits from their loved ones and go on trips to the local community, whereas for other people, especially those who live with dementia, it can be a confusing and overwhelming time.

Sue is a Carer at Hunters Down Care Home in Huntingdon and to spread awareness about Christmas time for people living in care, she wrote a poem with one of her Healthcare Assistant colleagues, Helen. The poem describes the journey of an elf working in Santa’s workshop, who travelled to Hunters Down Care Home to make people smile and deliver some Christmas cheer.

The poem goes on to describe what life is like inside a care home and follows ‘Twinkles’ journey as he becomes a permanent resident at the care home.

As well as writing this poem to raise awareness, Sue and Helen have both been committed to making this

Christmas period special for all the people living at Hunters Down. This meant coming in on weekends to decorate the care home, and even purchasing small trees for people to put in their rooms – a heartfelt gesture neither Sue nor Helen would accept reimbursement for, they did out of their love for Christmas and making it a memorable time for all.

Sue and Helen are both shining examples of what Christmas is all about. Making people know they are loved, cared for, and belong as part of a family they can celebrate with!