Lottie’s latest research has found unpaid carers are out of pocket by £2494 per year, and almost half of carer support applications have been rejected over the last two years by local authorities (including the rejection of financial support for those who need it most), leaving an estimated two million carers at breaking point, both financially and emotionally.

“Over the last 12 months, online searches for ‘carer burnout symptoms’ have increased by 400% and searches for ‘carers exhaustion’ have increased by 100%. It’s a very worrying situation, and we’re seeing first-hand the stress that carers are under in the run-up to Christmas,” shares.

That’s why our Night on Lottie pledge for 2023 will focus on offering carers the opportunity to enjoy a night-in or night-out however they like. Through our latest giveaway, carers have the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved night-in or night-out, within the comfort of their own home or enjoying a cinema, theatre or dining experience”, shares Will Donnelly, Co-Founder at Lottie.

Lottie is rolling out its Annual Nights On Lottie Pledge to support carers this Christmas.Last year, they gave carers a free night away, and this time, they’re introducing a Carers Christmas Giveaway. Launching on Carers Rights Day (Thursday 23rd November), it’s all about providing practical support, easing financial stress, and spreading some joy this Christmas.

Entries open for carers to self-nominate themselves for a chance to win on Carers Rights Day on Thursday, 23rd November, and will close on Sunday, 3rd December.

Lottie encourages carers across the UK – both paid and unpaid to nominate themselves to participate in this initiative, sharing gratitude for the dedication of carers and encouraging a sense of community support.

Apply here: https://lottie.org/nights-on-lottie/