Dhiraj, the Head Chef at Sherrell House Care Home, has had an inspiring culinary career. From working in top hotel chains in Mumbai, to established UK restaurants, Dhiraj has a wealth of experience in all types of cuisines and now uses his knowledge to ensure residents receive the very best food! 

His journey and success in the catering industry is one to be admired, so in this case study, we will be sharing Dhiraj’s story and how he uses his culinary skills to delight care home residents. 

 Dhiraj was born and raised in Mumbai, India, and from a young age, was always determined to follow in his father’s footsteps in the catering industry. Dhiraj’s father manages a restaurant of his own in Mumbai, which gave Dhiraj the opportunity to get his foot in the door and the chance to inherit culinary skills from a very young age. 

In 2016, Dhiraj successfully graduated from The University of Mumbai and obtained a Degree in Hospitality. His qualification and new skills, alongside his family’s support, provided him with the confidence to step out of his comfort zone and put his talents to the test. This is when he decided to join The Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai, a luxury, 5-star resort that provides guests with stunning ocean views and a first-class experience. This was a big step-up for Dhiraj, but he wanted to challenge himself and learn from some of the best in the industry. 

During his time at the Oberoi, Dhiraj was able to learn about various cuisines from around the world, including European, Asian, and Indian specialties, as well as traditional Japanese dishes. 

Using the wealth of knowledge and skills he had gained at the Oberia, in February 2021, Dhiraj decided it was time to for his next challenge so he could develop his experience in a different setting. Dhiraj took the brave decision to travel across the globe to England, where he enrolled at the University of Birmingham to study for his Master’s Degree in Hospitality. 

After completing his master’s degree, Dhiraj accepted a role as a Chef de Partie at The Ivy in Birmingham. The Ivy is an established British restaurant that serves traditional food to a very high standard. During his time there, Dhiraj worked alongside a team of 42 highly skilled chefs, where he gained specialist knowledge about modern brasserie classics, Asian-inspired cuisine, and delicious vegan and vegetarian options. Dhiraj said, “Travelling obviously allowed me to improve as a chef—but more importantly, it allowed me to grow as a person. Experiencing different cultures and living independently taught me what was truly 

Case Study: From five-star dining to care home catering, Dhiraj shares his exciting culinary journey 

important in life.” Despite the Ivy offering Dhiraj a sponsorship contract, he felt his knowledge and skills could make more of an impact somewhere else. 

In October 2022, Dhiraj moved to London and was offered a role at Sherrell House Care Home. This was a completely new role and setting, but a different type of challenge that he was keen to take on! 

Since his very first day as the Head Chef at Sherrell House, Dhiraj has been eager to apply his expertise in multi-cultural cuisine to the home’s catering service. Dhiraj spent quality time learning about the residents’ personal preferences, likes & dislikes so that he could lead his team in tailoring the menu accordingly. His knowledge of different cultural cuisines enabled him to prepare traditional meals for residents from various backgrounds, in order to meet their specific cultural and religious requirements. This has been incredibly well received by the people living at Sherrell House and his traditional recipes brought bring many happy memories from their younger years. 

Since working at Sherrell House, Dhiraj’s desire to improve and deliver the very best food has continued, and after learning more about the needs of the people living there, he recently completed a ‘Best Presentation of Puree Foods’ course to ensure residents receiving pureed foods, get a meal that both looks and tastes delicious. 

Dhiraj continues to strive for culinary excellence, taking every opportunity to improve and better the lives of the people who live at Sherrell House