The Care Workers’ Charity is gearing up to host “Professional Care Workers’ Week 2023.” This event is our celebration of those who care for others. Marking the week’s sixth consecutive year, we aim to spotlight the invaluable contributions made by care workers while advocating for their recognition as skilled professionals.

Even though our primary mission is that of a benevolent fund, we also do a lot of campaigning. We actively campaign for care workers’ rights, striving to improve their working conditions and social standing. Through a multifaceted approach, we demand better funding for the care sector and urge fairer wages for care workers as a national expectation.

This event also challenges the misconception that care work is a low-skilled profession. Karolina Gerlich, CEO of The Care Workers’ Charity, speaks from personal experience as a former care worker. “Care workers are skilled professionals, and it’s important that we see them as such. I know first-hand how many skills society unjustly perceives as soft skills. Compassion, empathy and patience are as important as clinical and organisational skills in care work. It takes an expert blend of all these attributes to excel in the caregiving field and provide top-quality support to those who draw on social care.”

From the 18th to the 22nd of September, The Care Workers’ Charity will host an engaging and informative program of panels and sessions. These enlightening talks will feature care workers, care managers and other influential figures from the Adult Social Care sector. The virtual format ensures accessibility to attendees across the UK, and participation is free to attend.

We warmly encourage everyone, within and outside the sector, to participate in the event. Attendees can contribute in various ways, such as attending talks, raising funds, or hosting individual celebrations to honour their colleagues. On Thursday, we are asking people to host Afternoon Tea for CWC. This can be a virtual meetup with your friends or colleagues over a cup of tea or a big tea party in your care home, home care office, or other care services. And you can join the all-day walk along the South Downs on Friday. The funds raised during these activities will directly support care workers, providing crisis grants and counselling services to those facing difficult times.

For more information and to participate in Professional Care Workers’ Week 2023, please visit the official website of The Care Workers’ Charity at This is an opportunity to express gratitude, support, and respect for the care workers who dedicate their lives to helping others, ensuring they feel valued for their vital contributions to society.

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