In an exclusive interview with James Mitton, Managing Director at Mobility Furniture Company, we learn about the extent of the range, how the brand differs to others on the market and the plethora of benefits the products can bring to your care home. 

Please introduce Mobility Furniture Company and what you strive to achieve.

The Mobility Furniture Company supplies mobility furniture to care homes and private residences across the UK.

Our team of fully trained and experienced demonstrators take our furniture into care homes for them to try, along with samples of fabrics and upholsteries. The bespoke service we offer allows customers to enjoy finding that perfect fit for their health needs and the ideal look for their living space.

Customers also appreciate that the vast majority of our goods are manufactured within the UK, so boast British craftmanship… a fact we are immensely proud of.

We aim to make life easier for people with mobility issues and the care home staff who do such a wonderful job themselves. How? By providing furniture that helps people sit down, stand up, get in and out of bed, and find a comfortable resting position.

The brand has a plethora of products, can you tell us about the range and popular choices within care homes?

We have four main sectors of products and all of them are useful in care homes: chairs; beds; homecare chairs; and homecare beds. However, homecare chairs and beds are the most popular categories within the care home sector.

Our homecare chairs have different ways of operating. Two are manually operated and three are electrically operated. People choose depending on the needs of the user and the operator. The Plymouth chair is a favourite within care homes due to its high level of functionality and the fact that it can be used as a porter chair for moving people from one room to another. All have options of wipe clean fabrics and replacement covers as and when required.

Our homecare beds again cover a wide range of user needs. All eight beds in this category have vertical raising and lowering. We are particularly proud of the Bingley Hi-Low Chair/Bed, which gently moves a user from a lying position and swivels them to a seated position for departure from the bed.

How can the range from Mobility Furniture Company fit into a care home and what benefits can it offer?

Style is understandably important within care homes. Our chair ranges come in a wide range of fabrics and upholsteries ensuring that all tastes are accounted for. There are options of matching furniture too, including static/rise and recline settees, fire side chairs and bed settees. When designing a room in a new care home or updating existing areas, we have the whole furniture suite covered.

In terms of benefits beyond aesthetics, our furniture enhances independence of residents by helping people to sit or lie down, get comfortable and stand up again. Many health conditions can be improved by simply elevating our legs, which is exactly what rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds do. We know how important sleep is to physical and mental health, and this is aided by our furniture as there are so many comfortable positions to choose between.

Further benefits are that: chairs can be moved between rooms without having to disturb the user; lap belts/lockable castors are additional useful safety features. Vitally, rise and recline chairs and adjustable beds result in greater support – and improved health – for care home staff too, as they result in less demanding physical work.

How can our readers stock your range?

Contact us on 0800 810 8783 and we’ll be more than delighted to pay you a visit. To see more about our service visit