Copperfield Court Care Home, part of Oyster Care Homes, recently commemorated its grand opening with a celebratory time capsule burial ceremony.

The time capsule, filled with special items and memories, includes contributions from Copperfield Court residents and team members, the Brownies from St. John’s Church in Margate, and pupils from Charles Dickens School. This diverse collection of artefacts will be a treasure trove for future generations when the capsule is opened in 50 years.

Eve Balcombe, General Manager of Copperfield Court Care Home, shared her excitement:

“The time capsule ceremony was a wonderful way to celebrate the opening of Copperfield Court. The contributions from our residents, team, local Brownies, and pupils from Charles Dickens School are truly heartwarming. It is an honour to create a lasting legacy that will be cherished by future generations. A big thank you to everyone for participating.”

The ceremony featured key community representatives, including Lauren, Assistant Headteacher from Charles Dickens School, and Brownies’ representatives Millie, Leah, and Sophia.

This event not only marked a special occasion for Copperfield Court but also emphasised the importance of community spirit and collective memory. The time capsule serves as a testament to the strong connections within the community and aims to inspire a sense of unity and continuity for years to come.

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