Residents at HC-One Wales’s Quarry Hall Care Home in St Mellons, Cardiff, took part in an exciting ‘Cocktail Day’ this month, where they got to taste lots of new flavours, as well as make and name their own cocktails.

Victoria Meakin, Group Development Chef at HC-One, visited the residential, nursing and dementia care home on Tuesday 14th May 2024 to host a ‘Cocktail Day’ event for residents.

The idea of the cocktail days is to get residents involved in the preparation of the items they consume and have the opportunity to taste different flavours, while having a lot of fun doing it!

Victoria kicked the event off by introducing herself to the ten residents, four colleagues and relatives in attendance, and what they could expect from the day, which involved dressing up, trying an array of unique cocktails, and even make their own concoctions.

Everyone was given two rum-based cocktails and a vodka cocktail to try first, which went down well. Colleagues commented that it was lovely to see the residents’ reactions to the new drinks and once everyone had enjoyed the testers, some asked for more.

Residents were then given the chance to make their own cocktails and choose a name for them. Victoria set up a trolley with glasses, straws, decorations for the drinks, a selection of spirits and mixers, and lots of fresh fruit. It was time for everyone to get creative!

The drinks were then washed down with a delicious buffet.

Ron Hussin, resident at Quarry Hall, said:

“The kitchen has done us proud with the buffet!” 

As the background music played to get everyone in the party spirit, everyone had a fabulous time and really enjoyed the experience.

Sarah Hickman, aged 104, who resides at Quarry Hall, remarked: 

“I need to come to these things more often, I have had a lovely time!”

Fellow resident Alexis Lamplough, joked:

“We need more vodka in the cocktails!”

Carla Arcanjo, Home Manager at Quarry Hall, said:

“The feedback from the residents about the cocktail day has been utterly amazing! Everyone enjoyed themselves and experimenting with the different flavours.  

“It certainly got everyone in the mood for summer!”

Victoria Meakin, Group Development Chef at HC-One, commented:

“A fabulous time was had by all! The residents had lots of fun with the cocktails. Quarry Hall is a wonderful home, every staff member got involved and was willing to help.

“A huge thank you to Alex and his kitchen team for allowing me to make a mess in their kitchen; they were all a massive help!”

As part of Quarry Hall’s extensive activities and wellbeing plan, the team hope to host more events like this very soon.