Adding variety to the activity schedule is something the team at Okeley Care Home is committed to. Introducing residents to new experiences and seeing how they are received helps to tailor the activity planner to the things people enjoy.

Relaxation sessions are especially popular as they provide people with time to reflect and ease emotional tension. They also have positive benefits to health and well-being, especially for people who live with dementia. So, when the team found out about sound bowl therapy and the benefits it can have, they were eager to see how residents would respond to it.

A local lady named Jill was invited in to host a sound bowl session with residents. She brought a variety of crystal and metal bowls, each with an instrument to play them with. Jill started the session by laying the bowls on the floor and telling the group some information about them before starting to play.

The sounds of the bowls were each very different but soothing in their own way.  As Jill was playing, some people decided to meditate with their eyes shut, while others enjoyed watching Jill create the sounds they were hearing.

The sounds mimicked the relaxation songs they regularly listen to in multisensory sessions but having them played live made for a much more immersive and relaxing afternoon.