At the beginning of Autumn, Longfield resident Patrick had a day that he will never forget, thanks to his wife and the team from Dementia Adventure.

Dementia Adventure is an organisation that supports people who live with dementia, to help tackle isolation and improve wellbeing. They do this by facilitating supported breaks and day trips for people who live with dementia, so they can continue to make happy memories with the people close to them.

Whether the support required is practical, emotional, or financial, Dementia Adventure is there to improve the lives of people who live with dementia, by granting wishes or helping them spend time in natural beauty spots around the UK.

Seeing all the wonderful things this organisation does, Patrick’s wife Jenny reached out to the company to see if they could help to make her husband’s dreams come true and facilitate a day trip like no other!

A few weeks later, the company said they would love to support and began arranging a day that Patrick would remember forever.

Keith and Therese from Dementia Adventure arrived at Longfield one September morning, where they met Patrick and his wife Jenny. Knowing there was a surprise in store, Patrick had a big smile on his face and couldn’t wait to see what was in store for the day.

The first stop was Southend Football Stadium, a venue that Jenny knew he would like to visit. Patrick’s face lit up when he arrived and with the help of Keith and Therese, he was escorted into the stadium, had the opportunity to look around the facilities, and was even granted access to the pitch!

As he was taken down the player’s tunnel, a goalie kit was draped over him, and a football was waiting for him to kick around the pitch. He was allowed the keep the ball too and held it whilst he watched the youth team training with their manager. It was a very special opportunity and one that Patrick really enjoyed.

On the way out, Patrick was handed a match day brochure for Southend’s next game and stopped in the gift shop, where Jenny purchased a top and a joker’s hat for him.

This was just the start of Patrick’s adventure, as the next stop was Rossi’s ice cream shop. This was a welcome resting stop, where Patrick was able to enjoy an ice cream with his wife and reflect on the wonderful morning at Southend Football Club.

After a light snack, it was lunchtime, and Dementia Adventure had reserved a table in a local fish and chip restaurant that overlooked the River Thames. It was a wonderful spot and Patrick cleared his plate, apart from the salad to his wife’s amusement.

The group then took a drive along the seafront to Westcliff, where they visited Pam and Brian, Patrick’s old neighbours! They share fond memories together which they enjoyed discussing, and laughed about not missing Patrick’s music which used to wake them up some mornings! It was wonderful for Patrick to catch up with some old friends and a heartwarming way to end a memorable day!

On the way back to Longfield, they stopped outside Patrick’s childhood home where he posed for a photo that he could show to his friends.

Patrick and Jenny are both eternally grateful to Dementia Adventure for helping to facilitate an action-packed day and making Patrick’s dreams come true.