Why is it so important you answer every call to your care home? Answer Connect reveals all in this exclusive editorial piece.

What is the biggest challenge facing the care home industry today? A study by Workforce Intelligence found a 9.9% vacancy rate in the adult social care workforce for 2022-23. Of those who left the care home industry in the past three years, a significant number cited exhaustion, disillusionment and illness as reasons for quitting.

That’s not to say the industry isn’t trying hard enough. The care sector is one of the most challenging industries for employees and care homes are doing their best to provide the highest standards of care.

Those pressures pose a risk to care standards. Besides the obvious risk to residents, these pressures can impact other care home functions, including your ability to answer calls. But, giving callers a prompt and empathetic response is an essential part of the care home provider’s service. 

Below, we’ll explore why it’s so important to answer every call.

What does a missed call cost?

The average cost of residential care in the UK in 2024 was £1,410 per week. A PSSRU BUPA paper found that the average length of stay was 30 months, meaning each client could represent £42,300 in revenue for the care home. That revenue is essential to maintain the high standards of care your residents expect.

Of course, not every call will be for a new resident. However, a 2022 study by TrustedCare found that 67% of first interactions for care homes are made by telephone. Even if just 10% of those calls result in new residencies, that’s a significant chunk of revenue.                   

The benefits of answering every call:

Increase loyalty

Your continued success is based on people’s perception of your care home. That includes existing residents and their families. And the telephone plays a vital role in protecting and strengthening your reputation.

Your residents’ families rely on being able to reach staff when needed. By answering calls promptly and professionally, you can maintain satisfaction standards among residents and their families. And those improved satisfaction levels can have a significant impact on your reputation.

Missed calls can lead to negative reviews and bad publicity. Meanwhile, developing a reputation for prompt and professional support can lead to increased referrals, better reviews and overall increased visibility in the care home sector.

Give your team time to care

Providing a consistent call experience can also help your care home run more smoothly.

Missed calls can significantly disrupt your day-to-day operations, from missed appointments to inefficiently coordinated care.

By ensuring there’s always someone available to answer your calls, you can improve the transfer of information within your organisation. This relieves pressure on your team and gives them more time to focus on delivering a professional, human care experience.

Increase resident intake

Picture this: The family of a prospective resident takes the difficult decision to seek care support options for their family member. They want to know their family member will receive attentive, professional care. They search online and, after finding your care home, place a call to discuss their options. But despite waiting on hold, they don’t get a response. Now, picture this: The same family calls your care home and receives an instant response from a trained professional. The family can ask as many questions as necessary to reassure them they’re making the best decision. That consistency is essential to maintaining occupancy levels.

Despite the challenges facing the care industry today, there are also opportunities. Focus on building a robust call-answering process to start making the most of those opportunities today.

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