Staff and residents at a luxury all-inclusive care home in Oxford were treated to a visit by Chloe’s Farm and its selection of animals last Friday.

In celebration of Easter, Cumnor Hill House, which is part of the Berkley Care Group, organised a visit from Chloe’s Farm for its residents, offering a day filled with laughter and entertainment.

The visit featured an ensemble of rescued animals, including Norman the donkey, who was rescued from the New Forest, Reggie the sheep, and an adorable bunny rabbit.

Chloe’s Farm is instrumental in supporting these animals, having been rejected by their mothers or saved from less fortunate circumstances.

The farm animals are trained with slow, quiet visits at first and the farm ensures that they only bring animals who are happy to participate.

Chloe Iles, the owner of Chloe’s Mobile Farm, said “you can tell when an animal does not want to go, and we will never force them. The animal’s welfare is our number one priority and we make sure they never work more than two days in a row.”

Commenting on the event, Sherrie Hume, Cumnor Hill House’s General Manager said:

“The sheer delight of our residents during Chloe’s Farm visit was heartwarming and truly unforgettable. Witnessing the smiles and laughter as they interacted with the animals reinforced the importance of such enriching experiences.

“At Cumnor Hill House, we believe in creating a nurturing environment that promotes wellbeing and a sense of belonging. This memorable event exemplifies our pledge to bring vibrant and meaningful moments into the lives of those we care for.

“We are thrilled with the positive impact of this visit and are excitedly looking forward to organising similar joyful events in the future.”