New ultra-hygienic drinking water system gets stamp of approval from leading healthcare facility.

Developed specifically for the healthcare and aged care markets, or anywhere additional peace of mind is required, Zip HydroTap UltraCare is designed to reduce the risk of legionella and other bacteria in drinking water by 99.9%, as verified by rigorous independent testing.*

The Zip HydroTap UltraCare was the ideal solution, as it uses an innovative combination of four protective barriers to provide the ultimate safeguard against waterborne bacteria and viruses. An enhanced version of its market-leading HydroTap, it delivers instant filtered boiling and chilled water and is set to advance the delivery of drinking water in locations where there is high-risk to end users.

The Medical Assessment Unit at Royal United Hospital Bath was one of the first sites in the UK to install the HydroTap UltraCare in March 2022. The MAU Ward was having continuous issues with its old countertop water boiler, used to make tea and coffee for staff and patients. Due to excessive scale damage it was repeatedly out-of-use and the taste of the water it dispensed was increasingly unpleasant.

Kevin Ferguson, Assistant Practitioner on the ward was on the look-out for an alternative drinking water solution that was not only reliable and robust, but also compact, user-friendly and, most of all, suitable for a healthcare environment.

“Not only is the HydroTap more compact and streamlined than the old counter-top urn, but the taste, quality and appearance of the drinking water it dispenses is amazing”, commented Kevin, “It’s an upgrade in every sense, it is simply better in every way! Especially as the hospital suffers from hard water and the general feedback following installation is that water tastes better and we can see both patients and staff drinking more than they previously did. This increase in hydration levels is having a positive impact on the health of everyone.”

Having both instant filtered boiling and chilled drinking water has proved a big time saver for those working on the ward, and Kevin has seen it make a positive impact on the health of patients too.

“Patients in healthcare and aged-care settings are more vulnerable to infections, so knowing that you are using a drinking water system that is providing an extra safeguard brings both staff and patients often much needed peace of mind, especially to those who are immunocompromised.” concludes Kevin

Of UltraCare’s four protective barriers, the first is MicroPurity filtration. The 0.2 micron, carbon-free filter reduces cysts by 99.9%, while also ensuring that existing protective levels of chlorine remain in the water supply.

SteriTouch, a market-leading antimicrobial additive that reduces bacteria by 99.99%, is the second barrier. It is inside key components within the water path, as well as being embedded in the touchpad of the Classic Plus tap.

The third barrier is the inclusion of a Zip MicroPurity UV-C LED module for chilled water dispensing. This disinfects water as it is dispensed, reducing the chance of recontamination and common waterborne bacteria.

The final element is its HydroCare service plan, which ensures the HydroTap UltraCare always performs to the highest levels of hygiene, efficiency and reliability with tailored service plans, a bespoke sanitisation regime and filter replacement.

“We’re proud to be able to bring such an important – and called-for – product to the health and care market, which will transform the way they deliver water,” comments Mark Brindley, Product Manager at Zip Water. “Our aim is to support the duty holder within these sensitive environments to control exposure to legionella, as set out in the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice and guidance on regulations.

“Independent tests have demonstrated that this 4-barrier system does exactly what we set out to achieve; to safeguard vulnerable users against possible bacteria found in water systems. Testament to this, HydroTap UltraCare is already receiving positive feedback from users across the world.”

And, because it is a Zip HydroTap, care homes and other organisations will benefit from environmentally conscious features such as water efficiency – with an air-cooled process which eliminates the need for water in the cooling process and energy efficiency modes.

HydroTap UltraCare is available with a choice of tap designs; Classic Plus, Touch-Free Wave and Classic Accessibility, which is suitable for wheelchair users or those with limited dexterity.

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* ALS Pty Ltd Testing of the Zip HydroTap UltraCare system efficacy tests