Regulatory Loophole – A Catalyst for Compromised Care.

When it comes to care, compromising on quality is never an option. So why do so many care and nursing homes make that mistake?

Hiring an agency that doesn’t pride itself on delivering exceptional care can have serious consequences on the overall quality of care received by Services Users and Care Homes.

The care home’s CQC rating is a reflection of the collective effort and commitment to providing exceptional care. If an agency falls short in delivering quality services, it can have a significant impact on the overall rating of the home.

By selecting an agency solely based on cost or convenience, there is a risk of compromising the well-being and care quality received by residents. The level of attention, expertise, and personalised support may suffer, leading to a decline in the overall care experience.

It’s shocking that in October 2010, CQC stopped governing Care agencies outside of home care, and still 1000s of people don’t know this!

In the world of care and nursing agencies, a regulatory loophole has allowed for a significant gap in regulatory oversight. The CQC does not regulate agencies beyond home care. This unregulated territory has given rise to a myriad of concerns, including a rise in agencies offering substandard care at prices which may seem attractive, but in reality, do not cover the cost of running a business. It’s high time we address the consequences of this regulatory gap.

Within the past decade, a regulatory shift inadvertently created a loophole in the oversight of care and nursing agencies. Consequently, numerous agencies have emerged, prioritising cost-cutting measures over the delivery of high-quality care. These agencies often entice clients with alluring pricing schemes, only to provide inadequate staffing and disappointing care outcomes.

When you choose an agency that prides itself on quality and exceeds expectations, the positive impact is evident. The home’s rating thrives, residents flourish, and their well-being is safeguarded. At Elite Care Services, we pride ourselves on our outstanding quality of care.

When the CQC stopped offering assessments to care agencies like ours, we made it a core part of our company’s ethos to maintain our previously outstanding result. We maintain that our training is second to none, with everything handled in house and face-to-face. Our carers always arrive at work happy and focussed, and they truly enjoy working for us.

As one carer aptly put it, “Elite Care Services is a staff focussed and oriented organisation, providing the best quality training for carers, ensuring carers are happy to provide the best quality care and support to residents at the various homes.” We are confident that this is a common sentiment shared by many of our carers. Their unwavering commitment and genuine passion for their work shine through, creating an environment where your residents thrive and feel truly valued.

At Elite Care Services, we refuse to compromise on the quality of care we provide, and you shouldn’t have to make that compromise either based on an attractive price with the potential of hidden costs past the hourly charge rate.