WMF is introducing a breakthrough MultiMilk system for the wide range of milk alternatives.

With the market launch of the “WMF MultiMilk” milk system, WMF Professional Coffee Machines makes it even easier to offer a wide range of vegan coffee drinks at the push of a button. As of right now, customers are able to prepare up to five different milk offers and plant-based drinks unmixed with the WMF 5000 S+ speciality machine – fully automated and with the finest foam guarantee. While the integrated milk system of the fully automatic machine is processing a specified variety, the plant-based drinks are sent to the machine via a wand system directly from the packaging to the machine. The selection of milk and drink offers is limitless. The software memory of the WMF 5000 S+ stores the individual milk and/or drink preparation as well as the settings for the perfect foam for every coffee product. When it comes to the freedom from contamination, WMF MultiMilk also performs with safe and practical handling: the cleaning concept rinses all relevant parts of the coffee machine after every milk change – without specific intervention by the Service personnel.

Plant-based milk alternatives have become an integral part of the drink menus of modern catering offers. Many coffee lovers now prefer the vegan version to enjoy their cappuccino or latte macchiato – whether it is made with oat, soy, coconut, or peas. It is also important for modern fully automated machines to process this wide range with high quality and as contamination-free as possible. WMF Professional Coffee Machines offers its customers a broad range of functions and options to prepare and foam milk and milk alternatives to the perfect quality: fully automated with the 2-milk system, using AutoSteam-steam wands or manually.

WMF MultiMilk: flexible, simple and sustainable
The new WMF MultiMilk system for the fully automated WMF 5000 S+ machine is now taking the next step. It gives WMF customers complete freedom in the flexible and sustainable processing of plant-based drinks. The application is practical and safe at the same time: first, the Service personnel places the stainless steel wand into the packaging of up to four different types of drinks or milk, which are then waiting to be used in a provided cooler. “We have intentionally refrained from transferring the products into an external container. Leaving the product in the “Tetra Pak” not only saves a work step but also protects the product from undesired exposure to oxygen. As a result, the raw ingredients have a longer shelf-life and food waste is prevented”, says Thomas Ege, Head of Product Management, WMF Professional Coffee Machines. In addition to the four milk alternatives in the MultiMilk system a fifth milk type can be used in the center cooler on the other side of the coffee machine.

Once the customer has decided on their favourite drink, the user connects the corresponding wand to the provided milk hose and selects the corresponding beverage symbol on the display of the machine. The recipe management of the WMF 5000 S+ then knows exactly how to prepare and foam the milk or drink offering.

Hygienic and safe
The hygienic handling of milk and drink products is top priority for WMF MultiMilk. This is why the automatic “WMF AutoClean” system thoroughly rinses the mixer after every milk change and removes all residues. To clean the supply milk hose of the wands, the user plugs the wand that was used and connects the hose to a matching adapter of the machine. The cleaning process will now start automatically here.