As part of our extensive Uniform focus, we outline five reasons why your care home staff need plenty of uniform.


Care home staff need to maintain high levels of hygiene to prevent the spread of infections and diseases as due to potentially having residents which are unwell and an infection proving life-threatening. Having plenty of uniforms means they can change into a clean one as needed, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.


Due to the nature of the job, care home staff may be required to work long shifts, and having plenty of uniforms means they can change into fresh, comfortable clothing throughout the day or as and when needed. This can help to prevent discomfort, meaning work rate won’t decline as well as reducing the risk of skin irritation or infection.


Having plenty of uniforms means staff can keep a spare set at work, reducing the need to transport them back and forth from home. Unfortunately, sometimes staff on-shift may be required to stay longer or cover someone in the event of an emergency so, this is a good way to save time and make it easier for staff to be ready for work at short notice should a scenario like this occur.


As part of their extremely demanding role, care home staff may need to perform physically demanding tasks whilst at work, and having plenty of uniforms means they can rotate through them to prevent excessive wear and tear on any one item. This can help to extend the life of the uniforms and save on replacement costs – something which is particularly important in the current climate.


Overall, uniforms can help to reinforce a culture of professionalism in care homes. By projecting a consistent and caring image through the use of a particular attire, care home staff can build strong relationships with residents and their families, and contribute to a positive and welcoming environment. In addition, having a clean, neat and well-fitted uniform can help staff to feel confident and competent in their role.