Refreshing training within a care home is crucial to ensure the safety, wellbeing, and competency of staff. Here are five ways to know when it’s time to refresh training in a care home.

Regulatory Changes

It’s essential to keep an eye on updates surrounding regulations and standards in the healthcare industry. When there are significant changes to laws or guidelines related to care homes, it often necessitates updating staff training to ensure compliance, for both legal reasons and to stay relevant.

Incident Analysis

You must analyse incidents or accidents that occur within the care home. If any incidents are linked to staff errors or knowledge gaps, it may be a clear indicator that training needs to be refreshed in those specific areas to prevent similar incidents in the future. Also looking out for heightened accidents where they are occurring more regularly is a key signal in knowing when training/education needs to be revisited.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews should be regularly conducted in care homes for all members of staff in order to act as a way of keeping tabs on the standard of care you are providing. These frequent meetings are a great way of sharing if and where certain areas need to be brushed up on. If you notice a decline in the quality of care or if staff members are struggling to perform their duties effectively, it may indicate a need for additional or updated training.

Feedback from Staff

Encouraging open communication with your staff will make your work environment a much more pleasant place to be. Team members may express concerns or areas where they feel less confident or competent. Their feedback can provide valuable insights into which areas of training need to be refreshed or expanded.

Quality Assurance and Audits

Performing regular quality assurance checks and audits are critical. These assessments can reveal areas where staff may be lacking in knowledge or skills. If consistent issues arise during these assessments, it’s a sign that training needs to be revisited. In addition to these signs, it’s a good practice to have a regular schedule for training refreshers to ensure that staff stay up-to-date with the latest practices and best care techniques. This schedule can be based on industry standards, the availability of new research, or specific care home policies.