As part of our wider recruitment focus, we share five ways to make your home an appealing place to work.

Positive Work Culture

Be sure to foster a supportive and inclusive environment within your home where staff feel valued, respected, and appreciated, and make this apparent in first meetings with potential staff members. Encourage open communication by allowing staff to have their say, promoting teamwork and a sense of belonging among employees.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Usually when looking for a new potential role, candidates suss out the scope for growth. Create pathways for career growth within the organisation, and ensure they are apparent from the offset. Look to offer opportunities for promotions, leadership roles or lateral movements that allow employees to expand their skills and responsibilities. Remember – this will be a benefit for the residents, team and home alike.

Quality Management and Resident Care

In the job advertisement, potential candidates will look for details on the home, including how they work and the care they offer. Ensure you emphasise the importance of quality care for residents, and share details on your ethos as a home and a team. When staff members see positive outcomes, and the impact of their work on residents’ lives, it can boost morale and job satisfaction, in turn encouraging them to strive for better.

Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are more important than ever before and are key areas that candidates will look into when researching your home. Create an environment that celebrates diversity and promotes the utmost inclusivity. Ensure you encourage cultural sensitivity and respect for different backgrounds among staff members. Going above and beyond in this area will only enhance the appeal to potential employees.

Recognition and Appreciation

Appreciation goes a very long way, probably a lot further than you might initially think. Staff members, especially in care, don’t have it easy with the tasks they’re up against day-to-day, so a pat on the back will have a huge knock-on effect to their performance. Acknowledge and reward staff members for their hard work and achievements, and not just at specific times of the year such as Christmas. It’s worth looking to implement an employee recognition programme to highlight exceptional performance and contributions and reward them. A programme like this will allow everyone to keep track and will ensure all team members know that it’s fair.