Peter Rankin, Managing Director at Girbau UK, on care home on-premise laundry.

With hygiene being of the utmost importance in the environment of a care home, what kind of solutions can Girbau offer to ensure this is a simple process?

Our Sapphire internet-enabled monitoring software allows you to control and verify that disinfection parameters have been met in each wash cycle. It is easy to create disinfection criteria based on time and temperature for each program. The system verifies that disinfection parameters have been met in each cycle and can be configured to issue an alert if for any reason a cycle has or has not fulfilled a disinfection condition.

Is there a specific, easy-to-follow routine care homes should adopt post-wash that you can recommend? 

The design of care home laundry rooms is key to maintaining an effective regime for laundry hygiene and remaining CQC compliant. This should include separate entrance and exit doors, and the clear demarcation of clean and dirty areas with a well-designed workflow that ensures no cross-contamination of clean and red-bagged, foul linen.

We can advise on all aspects of laundry design and operation to meet (HTM) 01-04 requirements for laundry decontamination, including machine choice, laundry layout, disinfection, safe handling and operating procedures.

Can you tell us how Girbau work in line with the increased demand for sustainable services and how your range uses less water, natural gas and electricity?

Girbau’s innovative new GENIUS Series Internet-enabled washers are designed to lower water and energy consumption while boosting productivity. The high-spin washers can achieve up to a market-leading 450G extract force for the highest levels of water extraction, leading to faster drying and lower energy.

Genius washers also reduce energy consumption by up to 15%. Tests on the Genius GS7018 found that it used 2.5 kWh for a full 18kg load cycle, compared to 3.5kWh for a comparable washer from a leading competitor. With each kWh costing around 50p, that’s a saving of £1,460 a year if you operate eight cycles a day.

The unique Transflow technology on our premium ED series dryers combines radial and axial airflow for maximum efficiency, reduced cycle times and lower energy costs, while cabinet insulation and a double-glazed door also prevent heat escaping.

We are also working with care providers looking to decarbonise their laundry operations by switching from gas to electric dryers and buying 100% renewable electricity.

How can care homes use their laundry routine/equipment as a means of marketing to appeal to new residents?

Hygiene has always been paramount in care settings and that applies everywhere in the home from the kitchen to the laundry. Residents and their families may have a heightened awareness of the importance of hygiene post-pandemic and will be reassured to know that your home has laundry hygiene designed into both the layout and every day working practices.

Anything else to add?

With on-premise laundry facilities being essential to the smooth running of care homes, maintenance and servicing remain key considerations. With a team of company-trained engineers and direct access to the factory for spare parts, Girbau can respond quickly to any urgent customer calls with high levels of first-time fixes and the shortest downtime. Our service operation supports on-premise laundry rooms for every type and scale of business, from single premises to nationwide multi-site operations.

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