A care home in Garforth has welcomed back 89-year-old Frances Bugg and her husband John to the home Frances once worked at as a carer.

Frances joined the care team at Springfield Garforth, now a 69-bed care home on Lowther Road in 1975 where she worked for 25 years.

Founded in 1967, the care home was originally the family home of Graeme Lee, CEO of the Springfield Healthcare group, which today includes 7 unique care home located across Yorkshire.

Graeme grew up in the care home with his parents, moving bedrooms every time a new resident moved in.

Frances said, “I remember Graeme when he was just a nipper.

“The home had a wonderful atmosphere and I loved working for the Lee family – they were so kind and welcoming.”

Over the 57 years of caring for older people in the local community, Springfield Garforth has undergone numerous extensions and transformations and is now a popular choice for many local residents.

Before her time as a carer at the home, Frances was a sewing machinist and then joined the RAF with her twin sister. She married her husband, John in 1953 at the age of 19. Frances began her career as a carer at Springfield Garforth when she was 41.

As a carer at the home, Frances looked after the residents’ health and wellbeing needs.

Frances added, “I knitted with residents and even took home their woolies to wash. Believe it or not, I am now teaching the other residents how to knit – I’ve gone full circle!”

She continued, “When John and I knew we needed some extra care, there was only one place we would choose to live. I have such fond memories I just couldn’t stay away – and it’s wonderful to see Graeme again.”

CEO of Springfield Healthcare, Graeme Lee said, ““I remember Frances used to babysit for me and would always make me tea and toast. She was a great carer, very kind and compassionate and would always go the extra mile.

“She used to do a 4pm-8pm shift and her husband John would always drop her off and pick her up.

“Frances worked for my family at the care home for 25 years, so it is amazing to welcome her back now as a resident where we can hopefully provide her with the same care she delivered to the residents 50 years ago.”