Len Sapsford, a resident at Cherry Hinton Care Home, recently had the opportunity to revisit Marshall Airport, a place where he dedicated over 68 years of his life. This heartwarming trip was organized by the care home and provided Len with a chance to reconnect with old memories and friends.

Len was given a special tour of the factory by Christopher Walkinshaw, an experience that brought back many fond memories. During the visit, Len had the pleasure of meeting several former colleagues, including one who surprised him with an old photograph from their working days together. The reunion was filled with nostalgia and joy, as Len reminisced about his long and dedicated career at Marshall Airport.

Leon, one of the caregivers at Cherry Hinton Care Home, shared his experience of the day: “It was so nice to see Len smiling when we approached the airport. Len said to me, ‘I feel like I am back home.'”

Shelly Prakash, the Home Manager, emphasized the significance of such trips for their residents: “It’s so important that our residents can get out and visit places where they used to work. We know this was a very important place for Len and his family,  we are so glad we managed to get him here.”

The trip not only allowed Len to reconnect with his past but also highlighted the dedication of Cherry Hinton Care Home to providing meaningful and enriching experiences for their residents. This visit to Marshall Airport will undoubtedly remain a cherished memory for Len and his family.

For more information and to see photos from the visit, please contact Cherry Hinton Care Home.