In a heartwarming testament to the power of compassionate care, the team at Fornham House – a member of the Healthcare Homes group – have given a resident the ability to communicate after 40 years of being non-verbal. 

Anne Barnett regularly holds video calls with her friends and family, and had expressed to her carers the obstacles that being non-verbal brings. Looking for a way to support Anne, team members Anneka and Amanda did extensive research into a solution to Anne’s communication challenges. Much to their delight, the found and quickly introduced an Aphasia App.

The Aphasia App enables Anne to share her thoughts, feelings, and engage in meaningful conversations through pre-loaded phrases, words, and images: enriching her social interactions and overall sense of connection with everyone in her life. It not only serves as a communication tool but also stands as a symbol of Fornham House’s commitment to embracing innovative solutions: enhancing the lives and confidence of their residents.

Amanda Rose, Activites Coordinator, expressed, “Fornham House is committed to providing personalised care that extends beyond physical well-being. Anne’s story is a testament to our dedicated team members who go above and beyond to ensure the happiness and fulfilment of our residents.” 

Fornham House emphasises its commitment to personalised care, ensuring universal well-being for every resident. The community celebrates this milestone for both Anne and Fornham House, recognising the profound impact this act of compassion has within the home, providing fellow residents with pride and confidence in the care they receive.