Fulcrum Care, a respected name in the care sector, has launched its latest endeavour: ‘Pivotal People, an interview series dedicated to highlighting influential figures within the industry. This series offers a platform for open dialogue, learning, and inspiration, providing viewers with insights into the minds and experiences of those shaping the future of care.

In an industry constantly evolving to meet society’s changing needs, recognising the contributions of trailblazers is of particular importance. ‘Pivotal People’ aims to do just that by spotlighting leaders from various domains, including care home management and healthcare investment.

Through in-depth interviews, viewers can expect to gain valuable insights into the challenges, triumphs, and future directions of the care industry. The series strives to deepen understanding of the sector and foster collaboration and innovation among professionals.

Tony Thiru, CEO of Fulcrum Care, shared his perspective about the launch of ‘Pivotal People’:

“We are delighted to introduce ‘Pivotal People’ to the care community and beyond. This series offers an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the individuals driving positive change within the care sector. By providing a platform for their stories and experiences, we hope to inspire others and contribute to the ongoing dialogue within the industry.”

‘Pivotal People’ premiered on Sunday 18 February with an interview with Ernie Graham of the Graham Care Group.  Subsequent episodes have been released every Sunday thereafter. The series can be viewed on Fulcrum Care’s YouTube channel, or on Fulcrum’s LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fulcrumcare.

About Fulcrum Care: Fulcrum Care Consultancy is a leading provider of expert guidance and support in the health and social care sector. With a dedicated team of professionals, they specialise in regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and staff training for care homes and organisations. Their client-centred approach and commitment to excellence ensure sustainable growth and success for their clients.