Coordinate activities for elderly people and seniors with Hashtag Quiz. In this editorial we delve into HQ.FM where Simon Wilson, Managing Director at Hashtag Hosts, reveals how the platform can add a new dimension to your care home.

HQ.FM is our all-in-one, browser-based quiz and bingo software, requiring nothing more than an internet connection and an audience.

Our browser software allows you to create quizzes with age-appropriate questions, a host of game modes, and in-person/ digital attendance. This versatility means that nobody has to miss out so residents can play whether they are in front of a big screen or in their rooms.

Adding memory games and trivia competitions to your care home activities can do wonders for confidence, entertainment, and keeping minds sharp.

Alternatively, if you want to keep it low-tech then simply print out your game and hand out the pens – ready for a traditional quiz. The choice is YOURS.

With HQ.FM, you can bring the fun of quiz directly in your care home. Our internet-based quiz software lets you play on any device with internet access, ensuring you’re never limited by location or the need for specialised equipment.

Here’s why HQ.FM stands out from the rest: 

  • Flexibility: Play on any internet-enabled device – no apps, no extra costly hardware, just pure quiz enjoyment. This makes it easier to answer the question without the need of pens or paper if you want. Its up to you.
  • Reliability: Tech hiccup during your game? No worries, our quiz software recovers seamlessly on any device.
  • Simplicity: Skip the complicated setups. No Ethernet cables or equipment authorisation required. Just sign in and start playing.
  • Ready-to-Go Entertainment: Access a plethora of quizzes without the last-minute rush to find or produce questions. Just search, select, and play.
  • 24/7 Usage: Play as many times as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want. There are no restrictions!

And did I mention, traditional (and party) Bingo is included as well as ‘Play Your Cards Right’ is included within the software subscription!

Be part of a growing community of quiz lovers in care homes, who have upgraded their game with HQ.FM Pub Quiz Software.

Sign up now to enhance your guests quiz experience and join the ranks of satisfied quizzers who have found the perfect blend of convenience, ease and competition.

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