Person Centred Software are thrilled to announce the fifth annual #GladtoCare Week. The theme of this year’s #GladtoCare Week is ‘Wellbeing’ and will feature many amazing activities that are inspired by Person Centred Software’s Wellbeing & Activities Platform. 

Following on from 2023’s morale-boosting success with the ‘Wellbeing’ theme, 2024 looks to go even bigger and better. With the activities inspired by Person Centred Software’s Oomph! On-Demand Platform, it aligns perfectly to create a continued theme of supporting outstanding wellbeing in care.

It is completely free, and everyone within the sector is encouraged to participate in a variety of enjoyable and innovative activities throughout the week, which are all designed to get everybody living and working in care involved.

#GladtoCare 2024 will be taking place from Monday 20th May to Friday 24th May, so be sure to save the date!

There is one change coming for this year’s #GladtoCare Week, you will find more activities on each day and a wider variety of activities to do during this year’s #GladtoCare Week, so you can really embrace each day together as a community!

The week starts in the highest of spirits with Motivation Monday. In the morning, our own Stefan McLaughlin, Oomph’s Exercise Expert, will be hosting a live 30-minute exercise session. However, do not worry if you miss this, as it will be available as an on-demand session as long as you are signed up to the Wellbeing & Activities platform!

In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to clear your mind with Mindfulness of Breath, a relaxing meditation session to help you centre yourself, find inner calm and help you manage any worries and anxieties that you might have.

On Tasty Tuesday, it’s everyone’s favourite bake-off, and this year all participants are supplied with the best baking recipes from our Oomph platform content partner, apetito.

For Wellbeing Wednesday, Person Centred Software is joining up with another partner who has supplied sessions for the Oomph platform previously the very talented Ruth from ‘Pilates with Ruth’, for a live Pilates session. Pilates improve strength and support flexibility all while helping with mental health and wellbeing. Again, if you are not able to attend the live session this will be available afterwards.

As if that wasn’t enough, in the afternoon you can participate in a very unique VR Tour, in which you will immerse yourself in the spectacular, break-taking views of the Lake District, or you can get back to your childhood to visit an aquarium. Both options sound absolutely amazing! Don’t worry if you can’t attend on Wednesday afternoon, as this too is available to try any time.

Thankful Thursday is dedicated to expressing gratitude to care providers, who each and every day dedicate themselves tirelessly to caring for the most vulnerable members of our society. It’s a day for residents and everyone involved to show appreciation through videos and spreading the word. Not only that, #GladtoCare encourages carers to speak out about why they are glad to care!

Ending this activity-packed week on a high note (no pun intended), Feel Good Friday features a sing-along with our partner Alan from ‘Alan’s Care Home Music’. Get your vocal cords warmed up for this one and sing yourselves into the weekend. Later that day, you can join Reverand John for a Positive Talk session to really embrace that Friday feeling!

Person Centred Software aims to spotlight the extraordinary dedication showcased by caregivers who go above and beyond to ensure the safety, support, happiness and engagement of the people they care for. #GladtoCare is an opportunity to recognise their exceptional work and hear their expressions of happiness within the care industry.

As anticipation for #GladtoCare 2024 builds, Yasmeen Hassoun, Head of International Marketing at Person Centred Software said:

“We are excited to kick off Glad to care with a week of jam-packed activities! It is our hope that care providers including their staff and residents have fun while getting involved in each day’s theme! We aim to say thank you and shine a light on all of the incredible work which often goes underappreciated in the care sector! We cannot wait to see everyone’s interactions and build our community further!”

All care homes will receive a free #GladtoCare digital toolkit, comprising decorative bunting, display posters, social media graphics, and a customised activity calendar filled with ideas to engage residents which can be downloaded. And for each download, we will be donating £2 to the Care Workers Charity!

For more information on #GladtoCare Week, please visit To keep up to date with the happenings of #GladtoCare Week, please visit:

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